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Creating Source Citations in RootsMagic 7 - Post 2: Adding Source Details to the Master Source

Researchers new to RootsMagic 7 may have challenges learning how to enter source citations into RootsMagic, so I thought I would show how I enter a new source and then create a citation, with the Evidence Explained source templates, and with a free-form template (in a later post in this series).

I have a paper article in my surname notebooks for "The English Ancestry of Henry Adams," written by Rev. Hiram Francis Fairbanks, and published on pages 320-322 of Volume 59, Number 3 of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, a quarterly journal.  Although I have a print copy of this article, it is also available online at the website.

Previous posts in this series include:

*  Creating Source Citations in RootsMagic 7 - Post 1: New Master Source (posted 12 January 2016).

In the first post, I demonstrated how to create a new "Master Source" using the NEHGR article noted above.

In this post, I'm going to add a "Source Detail" to complete the source citation for the baptism of Henry Adams in Somerset, England.

1)  In the "Edit Person" screen for Henry Adams (1583-1646), I see that I have a baptism date and estimated birth date for Henry Adams, but have no source citation:

2)  With the Birth Fact highlighted, I clicked the "Source" button (in the right-hand panel, below "Note") and the "Birth sources for Henry Adams" screen opened:

3)  On the screen above, I have a choice - either the "Add new source" button or the "Cite existing source" button on the row under the "Birth sources for Henry Adams" line.  

I have already entered the Master Source to the Source List, so I want to "Cite existing source."  I clicked that button and the "Master Source List" screen opened.  I typed (didn't click anywhere, just typed) in "adams" and the list went right to the Master Source I created yesterday:

4)  I picked the "Adams of Braintree - by Fairbanks (NEHGR v59)" master source, and clicked on the "Select" button (at the bottom right of the screen), and saw:

The "Edit source" screen opened, with the "Master Source" (yellow background area) fields filled in.

In the green background area, I can enter the "Source Details" information in the "Page" field for the specific Fact - in this case, the birth fact.  On the screen above, I entered:

Page:  page 321, Henry Adams baptism entry

The added information shows up in the source citation elements on the right-hand side of the "Edit Source" screen.  To complete the source citation, I clicked on the "OK" button at the bottom right of the screen above.

5)  The completed source citation elements are then shown on the "Birth sources for Henry Adams" screen:

The completed source elements for this source citation are:

Footnote: Rev. Hiram Francis Fairbanks, "The English Ancestry of Henry Adams of Braintree," New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 59, Number 3 (July 1905): page 321, Henry Adams baptism entry.
Short Footnote: Fairbanks, "The English Ancestry of Henry Adams of Braintree," page 321, Henry Adams baptism entry.
Bibliography: Fairbanks, Rev. Hiram Francis. "The English Ancestry of Henry Adams of Braintree." New England Historical and Genealogical Register Volume 59, Number 3 (July 1905): Pages 320-322.

6)  One note about this particular "Source Details" part of the source citation process -- some "Source Details" have more than one field - in this case, there is only one of them.

7)  Am I done?  No!  There are still fields to enter for this source citation, which I will cover in the next post on Thursday.

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Steve K said...

Excellent post, thank you.

Unknown said...

Thank you Randy, this series is great. I am reviewing it for the second time and came up with a question for you, please. Why did you enter this under 'birth sources', when it is a baptism , for which there is a separate 'event'? I was instructed to keep them separate, as baptisms do not always occur close to the birth. Thank you for any clarifiction you can provide.

Randy Seaver said...


I used the same source for both the baptism and the birth, since there is no birth record available in the parish registers that the book referenced. Note that my birth date is "before 21 January 1583" which is, logically, before the baptism (it may be hours or days or weeks or years - I don't know!).

So I do keep the two events separate - births and baptisms (or christenings), but they use the same source citation.