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Amanuensis Monday - 1911 Petition for Certificate of Title for Anna T. Leland (1853-1911) of Deerfield, Wisconsin

The subject today for Amanuensis Monday is the petition for certificate of title for Anna T. Leland (1853-1911) of Deerfield, Dane County, Wisconsin in the count probate records:

The transcription of this petition for certificate of title is (with handwritten portions in italics, and form blank spaces underlined):

[image 1671 of 1741]

Petition for Certificate of Title – R.S. Sec. 2276
State of Wisconsin, Dane County---ss.

In the matter of the Descent of the Realty of }
Anna T. Leland Deceased                               }

To A.G. Zimmerman, County Judge of Dane County, aforesaid:

The petition of T.S. Leland & Frank Leland of the Town
of Deerfield in the county of Dane and state of
Wisconsin respectfully represents and shows to said Judge that
Anna T. Leland late, and up to the time of her death, as hereinafter
stated, a resident of the Town of Deerfield county of Dane
and state of Wisconsin , died on the 26th day of October A.D. 19 11

That at the time of her death the said Anna T. Leland owned and was
seized in fee simple of certain real estate situated in the county of Dane, and state of Wisconsin, des-
cribed as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a point thirty five (35) rods north
and one and one half (1-½ ) rods west from the south east corner
of the South West Quarter (¼) of the North East Quarter (¼) of Section
No. Twenty five (25) of Township No. Seven (7), north of Range No. Twelve
(12)_ East thence west eight (8) rods, thence south Ten (10) rods, thence
east Eight (8) rods, thence north Ten (10) rods to the place
of beginning containing in all one half (½) acre of land.

That the fair market value of said real estate is the sum of $ 1800.00

That your petitioners are interested in such real estate as follows: the said T.S. Leland as
the husband of said deceased and by virtue thereof tenant by the curtesy
and the said Frank Leland as son of said deceased and
her heir at law by virtue thereof.

That the names and residence of the heirs at law of said Anna T. Leland
who is now deceased, are as follows: T.S. Leland, husband. Frank Leland,
Arthur Leland, sons, Mabel Leland and Ruth Leland,
daughters all residing in Town of Deerfield Dane Co. Wis.
Edwin Leland, son of Peck, Idaho. Severt Leland, son,
of Spokane, Wash. & Theodore Leland, son, of
Gardener, Montana.

That the interest of said heirs in the above described premises was and is an undivided one
seventh (1/7) thereof to each of said Frank Leland, Arthur
Leland, Mabel Leland, Ruth Leland, Edwin Leland, Severt Leland,
and Theodore Leland, said children and heirs-at-law
of said deceased subject to the life estate therein of
T.S. Leland husband of said deceased as tenant thereof
by the curtesy.

[image 1672 of 1741]

WHEREFORE your petitioner prays your honor to issue under your hand and the seal of the County
Court of the county of Dane, aforesaid, a certificate setting forth the names of the heirs at law of said
Anna T. Leland deceased, and the interest of each of said heirs
in said premises as above described, and what the said deceased owned and was seized at the time of
his death, together with a full and complete description thereof, and as in duty bound your petitioner
will ever pray.
Dated this 27th day of November A.D. 19 11.
                                                                                    T.S. Leland Petitioner
                                                                                    Frank Leland


T.S. Leland & Frank Leland the above named petitioner, being ^each duly sworn, on oath says,
that he heard read the foregoing petition, and knows the contents thereof and that the same is
true to his own knowledge, except as to those matters as therein stated on information and belief,
and as to those matters he believes it to be true.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 27th day }           T.S. Leland
of November , 19 11                                               }           Frank Leland
                                                       Wm. Nelson

                                         Justice of the Peace, Dane County, Wisconsin

The source citation for this record is:

Dane County, Wisconsin, Dane County Probate Records, Dane > Box 372, Knox-W - Box 374, A-Mathison," images 1671-1672 of 1741, Estate of Elling Erickson Natvig, images 1091-1093, will of Elling Erickson Natvig, 1895; in "Wisconsin, Wills and Probates, 1800-1987," digital images, ( accessed 10 September 2015).  

In this petition for certificate of title for land owned by Anna T. Leland, her husband and son provide her death date, the location of her land, and the names and current residence of the living children.  Anna (Natvig) Leland was married to Torger Sjursen Leland (1850-1933) and they resided, at least until Anna died, on the land of Torger's father, Sjur Torgersen Leland (1804-1889).  Anna and Torger Leland had 10 children, but only seven of them were alive in 1911.  

My best guess is that this half acre may have been land that Anna was bequeathed by her father, or was bought with money inherited from her father, Elling Eriksen Natvig (1820-1896).  In Elling Natvig's estates (see Amanuensis Monday - 1895 Will of Elling Erickson Natvig (1820-1896) of Cottage Grove, Wisconsin).  She received $300 from the remainder of his estate.  

This one-half acre of land in Section 25 of Township 7, Range 12 East was just south of the town of London in Deerfield township.  The plat map for 1899, 1904 and 1911 for this Section indicates that most of the southeast quarter of Section 25 was owned by Angus McVicar.  

Anna (Natvig) Leland is the great-grandmother of my wife, Linda (Leland) Seaver through her son Severt Oliver Leland (1878-1940).

I need to find land records in Dane County, Wisconsin for these Leland ancestors of my wife.

NOTE:  Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."


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