Thursday, March 2, 2023

Treasure Chest Thursday -- 1686 Marriage Record of Edward Carr and Hannah Stanton of Jamestown, Rhode Island

I looked in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings for Treasure Chest Thursday.

The treasure today is the 1686 marriage record of  Hannah Stanton and Edward Carr in Jamestown, Rhode Island:

The marriage record is the first record in the Stanton section:

The transcription of this marriage record is:

"9  STANTON, Hannah, and Edward Carr, 8m 6th, 168--"

The source citation for this record is:

 James N. Arnold, Vital Record of Rhode Island, 1636-1850, First Series, Births, Marriages and Deaths : a Family Register for the People (Providence, R.I.: Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., 1891-1912), Vol. 4, "Newport County, Births, Marriages, Deaths;" Jamestown Marriages, page 13, Hannah Stanton and Edward Carr entry, 6 October 168--; accessed on (

This record is a Derivative Source, with Primary Information and Direct Evidence of the marriage of Hannah Stanton and Edward Carr in Jamestown, Rhode Island in 168--.  The original record is probably in a Jamestown town record book that is no longer extant.

Edward Carr (1666-1711) was born in about 1666 in Newport, Rhode Island, the son of Caleb and Mercy (Roby) Carr.  He married Hannah Stanton (1670-1752) on 6 October 168-- [probably 1686] in Jamestown, Rhode Island, the daughter of John and Mary (Harndel) Stanton.  They had 10 children.

Edward and Hannah (Stanton) Carr are my 8th great-grandparents.  I am descended through their daughter Hannah Carr (1691-1785) who married Samuel Slocum (1684-1741)  in 1708 in Jamestown, Rhode Island.


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Unknown said...

Hi Randy! Not a comment on the item under review but rather on the description of the parentage of Edward Carr. Edward's parents were Caleb Carr and Mercy *Roby* (Caleb's stepsister). For this, as well as the parents and grandparents of Caleb Carr (and parents of Mercy (Roby) Carr), see my article in the next-to-last issue of "Rhode Island Roots" here:

Randy Seaver said...

Hi Robert,

Thank for the comment and the reference. I had not seen it before, and have corrected my past (and my tree!).

Unknown said...

You are most welcome! Your ancestor Edward Carr was most likely named after his maternal grandfather Edward Roby.