Thursday, May 21, 2009

"An Obsession of Genealogists" + GENLOGY

I wish that I was a more creative person. I really struggle to create original work - whether musings, humor, art, etc. I'm not, I'm an engineer. I accept it, and go on with what I'm good at - taking other people's ideas and creations and using, analyzing or improving them. I really admire and appreciate those who are creative and entrepreneurial, especially genealogists.

There were several really creative posts by genealogists in recent days (of course, we all know that Chris Dunham is pretty much creative every day):

* John D. Reid on the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog had a post about a collective adjective for genealogists - e.g., "a gaggle of genealogists." His post has been removed for some reason after I commented on it (and therefore my lack of creativity is hidden!). However, I found links to several lists - see this thread from the RootsChat Forum from April 2009 and this thread from the GEN-BRIT-L mailing list from 2000. There are some good ones here!

* Mark Tucker on the ThinkGenealogy blog has posted some "genealogy oriented" license plates - see his post You Know you are Driving Behind a Genealogist when… and More Genealogy License Plates. I added several of my own. I urge you to add yours too!

These would have been great Saturday Night Genealogy Fun topics if I had thought of them! Mr. Engineer strikes out again. Oh well. Ah - newsletter fodder!!!

What are your favorite collective adjective for genealogists? Mine are "an obsession of genealogists" and "a forest of genealogists."

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JanetB said...

It's back with your list!

Anglo-Celtic collective nounp.s. - what is GENLOGY?