Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free Footnote Annual and/or Lifetime Subscriptions has announced here that they are offering one free Lifetime membership, and one free annual membership each day from 21 May to 31 May, to Footnote users. The directions and rules:

1) Create or find a Person on I Remember in Facebook.

2) Share the page with 5 friends interested in that person.

3) Annual All-access Memberships to will be awarded each day from May 21–31st. One Lifetime Membership awarded.

I have already added a number of pages to I Remember on Facebook, so this should be easy to do.

The last time I tried to share my I Remember pages with friends and family, the emails were not sent (according to my brothers and daughters) - did they just enable this capability? I hope so!

This is a really smart move by Footnote - they get more people to register on their web site and expand their exposure on Facebook. A win-win! We all like free!


MikeF said...


If a spammer gets a 3rd party to spam for him for free, is it still spam? How is this different from a virus that takes the first 5 entries in your email address book and sends the message, except that it is limited to the subset of persons interested in genealogy?

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that both Footnote and Facebook's I Remember allow the uploads of actual family documents. I also like the way Footnote's person pages have stories that can be reordered in a more logical way. I wish this could be done on the "I Remember" pages too.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what qualifies for this promotion. Do you have to use the suggest a friend feature on the application? Or can you just post the link on your wall and then have your friends click on the I remember button? How can they tell who suggested them?