Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Photographs - Post 56: Loucks and Smith families

I'm posting old family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they won't be wordless Wednesday posts like others do - I simply am incapable of having a wordless post.

These photographs are from my grandfather's photo album that I scanned during Scanfest in January:

These photos are from Christmas 1916, and are set in front of the home of Austin and Della (Smith) Carringer at 2105 30th Street in San Diego. The Matthias Loucks Family pictured in last week's photo are included in these photos, but there are more people here. I think that two photos were taken because a different person took each of the above photos.

The people that I can identify in the bottom photo are (left-to-right):

* Austin Carringer (far left, in the hat)
* Unknown man (second from left, in hat; perhaps G. Tamsett Ashdown, father of Amy (Ashdown) Smith).
* Unknown woman (third from left; perhaps Amy (Ashdown) Smith, wife of David D. Smith)
* Unknown woman (fourth from left, I think she is Abigail (Vaux) Smith, Della and David's mother, but am unsure).
* Unknown young man (fifth from left, in front, perhaps a grandson of Matthias and Hattie (Vaux) Loucks)
* Unknown man (in shadows, next to fourth from left. I thought this was one of the Loucks sons, but it may be David D. Smith, Abby's son, Della's brother and Amy's husband)
* Hattie (Vaux) Loucks (sixth from left, wife of Matthias Loucks)
* Unknown young woman (seventh from left, haven't seen her before. Is she David Smith's older daughter, Maybelle Smith?)
* Unknown young lady (seventh from left, in front of above; this is probably one of the Loucks granddaughters)
* Matthias Loucks (third from right)
* Della (Smith) Carringer (second from right)
* Unknown young man (probably one of the Loucks grandsons)

Most of these people are in the top photograph, but they moved relative to others in the picture. The two that are added are:

* The older man in the hat on the far left. I don't know who he is either! He may be Harvey Edgar Carringer, brother of Austin Carringer.
* The man in the officer's type of hat is David d. Smith, I think. David was a cab driver at this time and I think that it is him.

The person missing from the top photograph is Matthias Loucks, who may have taken the picture.

Of course, my grandfather, Lyle Carringer, whose photo album contained these pictures, is not seen in either picture, so he may have taken the pictures.

I think I need a time machine to go back and watch this happen!

Ever since last week, I've had the feeling that this may not be the Matthias Loucks family at all. It may be the Samuel Crouch family from Long Beach. Samuel's wife was Elizabeth Vaux, sister to Abigail (Vaux) Smith. I need to check other family photographs to see if I can find resemblances to the "Loucks" parents in the pictures. I have several earlier Matthias and Hattie (Vaux) Loucks pictures where Hattie is much heavier than the woman in these pictures.

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