Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Make a Calendar!

Hi SNGF fans - it's Saturday Night, time for some major Genealogy Fun!!!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) Open your genealogy software or family tree program of choice and make yourself the highlighted person.

2) Find out how to create a Calendar to show birthdays and/or anniversaries of yourself and all of your ancestors (or all relatives, or all persons - your choice!). The "Help" button is your friend here!!! It can be done in all of the current software programs.

3) Create your calendar. Pretty it up if you want. Save it. Can you show us a page from your calendar - say January 2010?

4) Which of your ancestors (or relatives, or descendants - your choice!), if any, were born on 30 January?

Have fun with this. How can you use this information during the coming year?

I know that this is more work than you're normally used to on Saturday Night, but it is a great way to use your genealogy program creatively.

I will show mine in a separate blog post. Just as encouragement that it can be done fairly easily, I was able to do this in FTM 16, FTM 2010, RootsMagic 4 and Legacy 7 in less than 30 minutes total, and will show examples of each in my post.


Daniel Horowitz said...

Hi Randy,

Is website fair play?
If so, here is my calendar and my
Jan 30th family events
made automatically after I publish my tree from the Family Tree Builder
- and I also will receive email calendar alerts about the events of my close family ;)

Best regards and see you soon
Daniel Horowitz

Darlene said...

Hi Randy,
Mine is done. Take a look

I'm interested to see yours. I got a lot of great ideas from your blog. Maybe I can steal pieces of this one too. (jk)


Martin said...

Linda McCauley said...

Hi Randy,
Here's my entry -

Diana Ritchie said...

Well, since Daniel started it with MyHeritage, I'm REALLY going to cheat and just point back to my post from a few days ago - all about how I created a calendar for Christmas using MyCanvas. I have a slide show of the whole thing here
at my post here

I LOVE calendars!

Eileen said...

I don't have a web site to show you my calendar but I created calendars in FTM 2010, RM 4 and tried to create one in TMG but either I could not find it or that software does not offer a calendar. I had two birhtdays on Jan. 30, an ex-father-in-law and a cousin, Gerald Bianchi.

I imported my FTM 2010 gedcom into RM4 and it does not keep the preferred events so individuals were showing up in multiples. In playing with the calendar in FTM 2010, I set it to show anniversaries but not show them if one or both are deceased. It showed them anyway.

This was fun, Eileen

Mission Call App said...

I used's MyCanvas Publish website as well. They made it really easy since I already had all of my information in my Tree anyway. I gave this calendar to my grandparents and then all of my Aunts and Uncles wanted one and ordered a copy. Here is a link:

Bill West said...

Done, finally{

BeNotForgot said...

Better late than never? That's what I hear! So here's mine > < Thanks, Randy!