Friday, January 29, 2010

Follow Friday - ThinkGenealogy

It's Follow Friday - time to highlight a favorite genealogy blog or website. I'm still working through my list of hundreds of blogs - the websites will have to wait!

My Follow Friday blog for this week is Mark Tucker's ThinkGenealogy blog:

Mark's blog summary says:

"Mark is a software architect by day and a family historian on as many nights and weekends as possible. More about Mark "

There is a lot more information on the link! Mark has posted a Mission Statement for his blog - he may be the only one that has one. He also gives a ThinkGenealogy Innovator Award occasionally.

Mark is currently posting daily images and transcriptions from a daily journal of his great-grandfather, Worth Tucker, for the years 1903 to 1907.

Mark also speaks occasionally at genealogy conferences, and has posted his presentations on and on his blog (the image above). Only a few genea-bloggers are doing this - I wish more did. Mark's example has led me to consider doing it myself.

Probably the most useful posts by Mark for genealogy researchers have been his posts about the Genealogical Proof Standard and Source Citations.

I enjoy Mark's blog tremendously, probably because he comes at genealogy research from a software mindset and is always trying to find ways to improve research and analysis processes. If you have interests in these topics, then I encourage you to put ThinkGenealogy in your blog reading list.

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