Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Possible Knapp Families in Dutchess County - Post 4: Knapps in the Settlers of the Beekman Patent

In a Post 2 comment, Martin asked if I had seen the Knapp pages in the book:

Frank J. Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, Volume VII, Hunter to Leavens (Pleasant Valley, N.Y.: Frank J. Doherty, 2003).

There are a number of Knapp families described in this book on pages 591 to 610.  I have photocopies of those pages, but not the rest of the book.

The candidate Knapp families in this book with children born in the 1770's include:

*  Isaac and Lena (Bartlett) Nap (Knapp) had Henry (1774), Jacob (1775), Elizabeth (1777), Polly (1789), Isaac (1784-1790), Abbe (1794), and Helena (1794.

*  Elijah and Rachel (Bargain) Knapp had Margriet (1770) and John (1771) in Linlithgo (Columbia county).

*  Israel and Mary (Hannion) Knapp had Sary (1771), Rebeccah (1772), David (1774), Elijah (1775), Susanna (1778), Frederick (1780), Elizabeth (1783) and Samuel (1785) in Fishkill.

*  Luke and Anna (Ketchum) Knapp had Jacob (1772) in MA and Zadok (1774) in Columbia County NY.

*  Zadok and Elizabeth (--?--) Knapp had Jacob (1767), Mary (1769), Elizabeth (1771), Lois (1774) and Sarah (1775) in Amenia.

*  Zephaniah and --?-- (--?--) Knapp had Joseph (1764), Elizabeth (1768) and Hannah (1770). 

There are many other persons named Knapp in this list.  Some of them that were old enough to have children in the 1770s did not have children listed.  Other entries extracted wills in Dutchess County and named the heirs.

In all of this, I saw nothing that led me to consider any of these Knapps as parents of William Knapp (1775-1856).

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Fax said...

If you go to Dutchess County, add Adriance Library (Poughkeepsie) to your list, by all means.

Also, have you checked the book, Eighteenth Century Documents of the Nine Partners Patent, Dutchess County, comp. Clifford Buck and William McDermott, Gateway Press, Baltimore 1979?