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Possible Knapp Families in Dutchess County - Post 3: Given Names of the Children

I noted several suggestions in Follow-Up Friday - The William Knapp Search to list the children of William and Sarah (Cutter) Knapp, and to try to correlate them with the siblings of William and Sarah in an effort to identify the names of the parents of William Knapp.

Here is the list of the known children of William and Sarah (Cutter) Knapp with approximate birth and death dates:

*  Joseph C. Knapp (about 1805 to ????)
*  Samuel C. Knapp (about 1806 to 1852)
*  Cyrus C. Knapp (1809 to 1872)
*  Catharine Knapp (about 1810 to ????)
*  Benjamin Knapp (about 1811 to before 1857)
*  Charles C. Knapp (about 1813 to ????)
*  Hannah Maria Knapp (1816 to 1903)
*  Sarah G. Knapp (1818 to -after 1900)
*  William Knapp (1823 to 1860)
*  Manning M. Knapp (1825 to 1892)
*  Elsie M. Knapp (1831-1903)

Unfortunately, I don't know the names of any of William Knapp's siblings.

Sarah (Cutter) Knapp's parents were ?Stephen Cutter (1745-1823) and Tabitha Randolph (1752-1841) and they resided in Woodbridge, New Jersey.  Their children were:

*  Phebe Cutter (about 1769 to 1839), married before 1798 to James Harriott (1766-1848)
*  Nancy Cutter (about 1771 to ????), married before 1797 to John Mattison
*  Stephen Cutter (about 1773 to ????)
*  Mary Cutter (about 1775 to ????)
*  Thomas Cutter (about 1777 to ????)
*  Richard Cutter (1779 to 1820), married 1799 to Mary Martin (???? to 1859)
*  William Whitmore Cutter (1781-1862), married 1803 to Ursula Harriott (1779-1861)
*  Hannah Cutter (1784 to ????), married Samuel Harriott
*  Sarah Cutter (1785 to 1878), married about 1804 William Knapp (1775-1856)
*  Samuel Cutter (1787 to ????), married about 1823 to Nancy Inslee (1799 to ????)
*  Mary Cutter (1790 to ????), married 1813 to Charles Cutter (1787 to 1822)

Sarah (Cutter) Knapp's grandparents were:

*  William Cutter (1722 to 1780)
*  Mary Kent (about 1726 to ????)
*  Their children were Stephen, Richard, Sarah, Mary, Hannah, Kelsey, Samuel, and Keturah.

*  Samuel Fitz Randolph (1730 to ????)
*  Martha Gach (1729 to ????)
*  Their children were Tabitha and Mary.

If William and (Sarah) Cutter Knapp used family names for the names of their children, then the names from Sarah Cutter's family are:  William, Hannah, Sarah and Samuel.  However, they did not name a child after Sarah's parents (Stephen and Tabitha).

If William and Sarah (Cutter) Knapp used family names from William's family, then the names of William's parents, grandparents and siblings might be:  Joseph, Cyrus, Catharine, Benjamin, Charles, Manning and Elsie.

The one obvious child that was probably named after a family member is Manning Knapp.  There are only two entries in the Rootsweb WorldConnect database before 1860 that has a Manning marrying a Knapp:

*  Jacob Manning and Hannah Knapp who married in 1750 in England.  
*  Julia Manning married Daniel Knapp in 1805, probably in Massachusetts.

These two couples are also mentioned in Ancestry Member Trees, but there are no others before 1838.

What about Manning and Cutter or even Fitz Randolph?

*  There was a Manning family in the Woodbridge and Piscataway area of New Jersey, and a search on Rootsweb WorldConnect revealed some connections to the Fitz Randolph family
*  A similar search on Rootsweb WorldConnect found no marriages to a Cutter spouse. 
*  An Ancestry Member Trees search revealed no trees with a Manning marrying a Cutter.

What about the given name of Cyrus?  A search on Rootsweb WorldConnect revealed no Cyrus Knapps born in New York or New Jersey before 1830.  Of course, Cyrus might be the name of William Knapps' maternal grandfather or uncle.  Or not.

The other given names are fairly common names that might be possible names for William's parents. 

My conclusion is that this is probably a futile effort to find William's parents by checking the names of his children.  Other records, not yet found, may provide better clues or evidence.


Cousin Russ said...


As you know, I visited a cemetery, founded by Isaac Knapp, in Dutchess County, Fishkill. It was full of Knapps. I checked those names against the list of William Knapps children. No Match.

I'll make a call to the Fishkill Historian to find more about Isaac. You and I thought he might be a sibling of Isaac.

Cemetery Photos are on Find-A-Grave and will be on my Blog for Tombstone Tuesday starting shortly.


Martin said...

I humbly disagree about names. I think Manning Knapp is a huge clue.