Thursday, December 18, 2014

Crestleaf Publishes "How Are We Related?" Family Relationship Chart

The Crestleaf blog has published a colorful Family Relationship Chart - see Are You My Relative? Family Relationship Chart and Infographic.

Crestleaf has kindly permitted me to publish the Infographic on my blog:

Two caveats on using the chart:

*  While some of the headings name only one gender or the other (e.g., Aunt or Uncle), they really apply to persons of both genders.

*  The male and female icons used in the chart (Self, Child, Sibling, Aunt, Uncle, cousin, etc.) represent both males and females.  The relationships are the same whether they are male or female.

These are minor complaints, but there may be people who are offended.  The intent is, I think, to show relationships without cluttering up the chart with more icons or more words.

Readers can go to the Crestleaf blog and download the chart, save the file on their computer, and then print it out, for their own personal use.

I think that this graphic is the best one I've seen to use to explain relationships between family members.

Another relationship chart was recently published by Lifehacker - see

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Unknown said...

This graph doesn't really show it, so who would my grand uncles nephew be in relation to me?