Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday's Tip - Use the Learning Resources on the AmericanAncestors.org Site

This week's Tuesday Tip is:  Use the Learning Resources on the NEHGS AmericanAncestors.org website.

The www.AmericanAncestors.org website (from the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston) has a wide range of learning opportunities available for FREE.  Here is the top of the Learning Resources webpage (http://www.americanancestors.org/Education/Learning-Resources/):

1)  There are three major parts to the Learning Resources:

*  Watch how-to videos, archived webinars, and other broadcasts presented by experts at NEHGS

*  Read subject guides on a variety of topics

*  Download or print commonly used genealogical templates, including research logs, family charts, and more.

2)  Here is the top of the "Watch" (http://www.americanancestors.org/Education/Learning-Resources/Watch) page:

A user can click on any of the small video windows to watch the presentation.  Clicking on the YouTube link at the bottom of the video screen will open the YouTube video in a larger screen.

3)  Here is the top of the "Read" (http://www.americanancestors.org/Education/Learning-Resources/Read) page:

There are a number of text articles, often with images, for a wide range of subjects (I covered this in Tuesday's Tip - NEHGS Subject Guides at the Learning Center - posted 28 October 2014).

4)  The top of the "Downloads" (http://www.americanancestors.org/education/learning-resources/download) page looks like this:

5)  AmericanAncestors has a YouTube channel with all of their learning videos on it - see https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK_0ulM3mcrP_4h0FLHSf-A:

There are 39 videos at present on the AmericanAncestor YouTube channel.

Here is one of them - "Ten Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Family History" by Penny Stratton:

6)  For researchers with New England ancestry, using these learning resources is an absolute necessity.  For those who don't have New England ancestry, there may be some very useful learning resources on this site - and they are FREE!  

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