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Ancestry Green Leaf Hints Keep Sprouting in my Ancestry Member Tree Green Leaf Hints are kind of the gift that keeps on giving - they never stop sprouting on my Ancestry Member Tree.  With 42,920 persons in my AMT, I think that there are plenty more Hints coming.

Here is the Ancestry home page screen portion where I can see a summary of information about my active Ancestry Member Tree, and also the Recent Member Connect Activity.

I try to note the Recent Member Connect Activity on a regular basis to see how my records and attached documents are enriching other researchers, who never seem to contact me about them.  Occasionally, someone uploads something that I can use in my database, but it doesn't happen very often.  That's OK, I like to share...

On the screen above, the "Recent family tree activity" graphic shows that I have, in my public "Randy Seaver's Genealogy - July 2014" Ancestry Member Tree:

*  42,920 people
*  2,305 photos (because I download document images and attach them rather than attach an record directly to the AMT)

There is a link to "View People with Hints."  If I click that link, I see the summary of the Hints for persons in this tree:

On the left of the screen above, is a list of record types and numbers, including:

On the "Hints" tab:

*  All Hints:  39,479
*  People with Hints:  6,629
*  Records:  29,735
*  Photos:  2,980
*  Stories:  531
*  Member Trees:  6,233

I have been tracking the number of Hints every day since 27 October - 50 days.  On 27 October 20`14, I had 30,070 Record Hints.  I accepted or ignored 579 Hints, removing them from the count.  Today, I have 29,735 Record Hints.  So has added 244 Hints in those 50 days, an average of 4.9 Hints per day.

Although I haven't kept track of how many people have Hints, I only have 6,629 People with Hints at present, only 15.4% of the people in my Ancestry Member Tree.

By comparison, I have only 7,389 persons in my Seaver-Leland Family tree (uploaded in 2011), and 5,690 of them have Hints.  The number of Record Hints is now 18,900 (I don't know if that includes attached Hints or not), or over 2.5 Hints per tree Person.  77% of the persons in this tree have Hints of some sort.

I think that there are many more Record Hints for to provide me.  At the rate of 5 per day, it might take 59 years for them to provide them.

Once or twice a week, I try to review the Record Hints provided by, and add information to my RootsMagic database if they are actual records from reliable sources (my judgment, of course).  This keeps me up-to-date as far as Ancestry Hints go.  Sometimes, I get a real gem from a database that I previously had not checked.

I appreciate trying to help me find records for my relatives, ancestors and collateral families.  The "push" technology provides new Hints every day, and I check them out on a regular basis.

Fortunately, a user can "speed up" or "energize" the Hint providing for specific groups of people.  I will try to post something about that process in future posts.

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