Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Mayflower Connections - 2. William White

Several geneabloggers are listing their Mayflower passenger connections as a Thanksgiving meme, so I'll join in. I'm going to do a post for each known Mayflower ancestor, rather than list them all at once.

Next up is William White, from whom I have one ancestral line:

Line 1:
1.  William White (1590-1621) married before 1615 to Susanna --?-- (1594-1675)
2.  Peregrine White (1620-1704) married 1649 to Sarah Bassett (1628-1711)
3.  Sylvanus White (1667-1688) married before 1683 to Deborah --?-- (????-????)
4.  William White (1683-1780) married about 1707 to Elizabeth Cadman (1685-1768)
5.  William White (1708-1780) married 1729 to Abigail Thurston (1700-????)
6.  Jonathan White (1732-1804) married 1756 to Abigail Wing (1734-1806)
7.  Humphrey White (1758-1814) married 1788 to Sybil Kirby (1764-1848)
7. Jonathan White (1806-1850) married about 1823 to Miranda Wade (1804-1850)
8. Henry Arnold White (1824-1885) married 1844 to Amy Frances Oatley (1826-1870)
9. Julia White (1848-1913) married 1868 to Thomas Richmond (1847-1917)
10. Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962) married 1900 to Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942)
11. Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983) married 1942 to Betty Virginia Carringer
12. Randall J. Seaver

Are there any readers who are my cousins through a William White line? Please let me know what our most recent common ancestors are in our White lines.


Erica said...

My most recent WHITE cousin thru your line is Peregrine WHITE & Sarah BASSETT
Erica Voolich

Celia said...

My children would be your cousins through William White through the other older son, Resolved White, and on down. My ex-husband's mother was a Rice whose ancestors married Elizabeth White, Resolved's daughter. Cheers from Canada. - Celia

Anonymous said...

Hi this is my family tree well part of it, is this infomation correct about my White Ancestor if so great and if not what line am I missing or if my infomation is correct are the dates off, thanks to who might know you can e-mail me at homer0816@aol.com Thanks to who might know.

Trueman Harrington 1786-1865 married Welthea Blios 1786-1867.

Richard Harrington 1765-1863 married Mary Allen 1763=1863

William Harendeen 1718-1794 married Ann Hamon 1723-????

Elisha Harendeen ABT 1694 AFT 1777 married Susanna Ruttenburg

William Harrington 1660-1727 married Esther Hodge 1662-????

Benjamin Harrington ABT 1618- 1694 married Elizabeth White 1609/1648-1700

William White 1622-1673 married Elizabeth Hanna Cadman 1608-1690

William "Mayflower" White 1591-1621 married Susanna Fuller 1577-1673

2mylittleangels said...

Hi my husband is a descendant in connection to peregrine. His great grandfather was Earl O. White born (1902-1903)and his grandmother Carol White im trying to follow Earl O white parents name to see if i can follow the tree down to William White. If you have any information pleas contact me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Your decended from lord William white and king David I of scottland.
Heres a way to see your entire royal history,first one is my grandma but keep hitting father and it will take you past peregrine white(Mayflower 1620).
Now try:
that will show peregrine/resolve between [49] and [51] going down in number or up takes you back in time.
Now try:
This will show you linage from king David I of Scottland.
Good luck,any problems i'm at

Judy said...

I join your William Wite line at number 6