Monday, August 21, 2006

Genea-Musings on Vacation

The time has come to go on vacation, and I can't figure out a good way to keep Genea-Musings going during the next two weeks. I will be internet impaired for most of the time.

We leave on 8/22 to New England, and return on 9/3. We will see cousins in Salem NH and Westford MA, and my aunt in Augusta ME, plus doing the regular sightseeing things - you know, like taking photos of ancestral homes and town halls, visiting cemeteries, and the like. When I get back, I'll post some pictures and have more stories to tell.

While I'm gone ... please visit the other Genea-bloggers on my Blogroll on the right margin. They all would love to have you read their content and comment. The great thing about genea-blogging is that more and more people are doing it, and many of them have a lot to say, and do it well. Many of them (us!) are not well known in the "genealogy industry" and many have unique points of view and emphasis - it is really "Genealogy for the Rest of Us."

I'll be back in two weeks. Cheers -- Randy


Jasia said...

Bon Voyage Randy! Hope you have a safe and fun trip. We'll miss your blog posts. Remember, many public libraries have public computers with internet access and they're happy to let visitors use them. If you get a little down time, you might drop us a line!

Lee said...

Missing you already, Randy! Hope you're having a great time, but hurry back! ;-)

~ Lee

Janice said...


I'm anxious for your return, to see if the tour suggestions I made to you worked out ok :)


Anonymous said...

NYm31L The best blog you have!