Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Fave Blog Posts of the Week

I have over 150 genealogy blogs on my list. Blog posts appear once (usually, unless they are updated!) and then are gone. I usually don't go to the actual blog unless I want to comment on it.

I usually can't recall everything that I've read, and about once a week I will go through my blog list and review the posts for the week. Since I know many of my readers may not have the time to do this, and I seem to have a lot of reading time on some days, I decided to make a list of blog posts that really helped my research, informed me about history or genealogy, or that I just liked. Here is my list for this past week (in the order I found the post - no ratings here intended):

* J.L. Bell's Boston 1775 blog post on "How to Play Tip-Cat." I'm a big baseball fan, but have never heard of tip-cat. Bell's blog articles are always informative - he really brings Boston in 1775 alive.

* Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter post about "Mysterious Messages Appear in Nova Scotia Cemeteries." This might be something for a genealogy society with time on its hands and enough manpower to do for a centennial (or other important) celebration.

* The Ancestry Insider's post about "New FamilySearch Rollout Accidentally Announced." Good - the West Coast is #2!

* Craig Manson's Geneablogie series of posts about his research trip to the Midwest. Craig offers tips for travelling genealogists that are timeless in his post "Some Lessons Learned." Read all of his travel posts (note that he is not finished yet!). He has a good looking beard, too!

* Chris Dunham's The Genealogue post titled "Top Ten Signs Your Genealogy Scoiety is in Trouble." My favorite is #6. "Board of Directors outsources task of ignoring member complaints to Bangladesh." Excellent humor - I'm going to use it at the next CVGS board meeting!

* Megan Smolenyak's post on Megan's Roots World about "Making Up History: The Search for Annie Moore." Read Megan's reaction to seeing herself portrayed in a play. The play sounds wonderful!

* Steve Danko at Steve's Genealogy Blog posted "Beginning Italian Genealogy." I found it very helpful and concise, even though I don't have Italian ancestry (to my knowledge), but it may help a colleague who does have it.

* Bill West's series at his West in New England blog on "Aunt Dot's Memories." The link is to his 5th post, go to his blog for all of them. I had a "Cousin Dot" who was kind of like Bill's Aunt Dot. This is real life memories!

* Larry Lehmer's Passing It On blog post "What Obituaries don't Tell You." Some excellent thoughts here about writing down your family history. I guess that's why I blog!

That's enough for now - I know I read many more excellent genealogy blog posts, but these are the ones that I chose.

If you have a few minutes, please click on the blog links and read more of each blogger's work. Many genealogy bloggers get few hits and I'm sure these will appreciate you dropping by and perhaps leaving a comment.

UPDATE: I knew I got the idea for this type of post from someone! Sally J. at the Practical Archivist provided a Quick Link Roundup the other day. I hope she doesn't mind that I used the idea - I had most of this written before I found her post.


Bill West said...

Hey Randy!
Glad you enjoyed the posts.

You helped make it possible you
know! I used the technique you described for split screen transcribing. So thank you!

Sally J. said...

Ohmigosh, Randy, why on earth would I mind? Summarizing a huge amount of information in a quick list is a great boon for all of us. The more, the merrier!

-Sally J.

P.S. You might want to delete the spammy comment by knicksgrl0917.