Monday, December 29, 2008

Is this the best music/family video of the year?

Take a look at this video on YouTube. It's hilarious. And oh so true.

Right, moms?

ROFL. How would you like to be the children and grandchildren of this mom? What a legacy!


Cindy said...

Ok Randy - that IS my Mom.... JK!!!! Very very funny - i don't get much time to check those out because I'm too busy being THAT woman!

Thanks for sharing! Made my evening!

Ruth said...

Wow, Randy, that is amazing! It's 1:55 am here in Texas and I want to get up and dance around the house! How in the world does she remember all that? I think that must have been my Mom, too, when my brothers and I were teenagers. Now I feel like that somedays with my granddaughter!
Thanks so much for posting this!

Randy said...

All that stuff about "that Seaver, he's a Padres fan" or "that Seaver, he didn't vote the way I did". All is forgiven for having sent this hilarious video.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Hilarious! That's me and several of the mothers on my route. I hope you won't mind too much but I'm stealing this.