Thursday, January 1, 2009

Genealogy Goals for 2009

It's time to think about my goals and objectives for genealogy research, education, society, and writing for 2009. I didn't do very well in meeting my 2008 goals, but this is an opportunity to start anew - with hope and energy.

1) My Genealogy Research -- spend more time working on my own research so that I get more done!

a) Pursue more original source material for my brick wall ancestors - especially Thomas J. NEWTON (ME), William KNAPP (Dutchess County NY), Russell SMITH (NY, RI?), Sarah MARTIN (NJ, NY), Stephen FEATHER (NJ, PA), etc.

b) Obtain more land records and town meeting records for my ancestors of Alma Bessie RICHMOND in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

c) Complete creation of source notes for direct line persons in my ancestral database and in my Seaver database. This is ambitious since there are over 30,000 people in these two databases, but it needs to be done before I write any books.

d) Get my filing system in order - scan more photographs and documents, obtain more digital document images, reduce the paper piles, fully implement the new computer data filing system.

e) Decide on a long-term genealogy software program, convert all databases to use it, and become an expert user of it.

2) Genealogy Education -- learn more about specific research tasks and becoming a professional.

a) Attend at least one major genealogy conference or genealogy cruise.

b) Go to at least one major genealogy library this year for research purposes.

c) Participate monthly in the Transitional Genealogists and ProGen Study Groups homework and chats.

3) Genealogy Society -- work for and with my local societies and colleagues.

a) Support Chula Vista Genealogical Society as Research and Queries Chair, leading the monthly Research Group meetings.

b) Make at least five presentations to local genealogy societies.

c) Help society colleagues (and friends) with genealogy research if requested.

4) Genealogy Writing -- the writing will continue until I'm paid not to write any more.

a) Stay abreast of developments in the genealogy world and pass helpful information to my colleagues and readers.

b) Post quality research articles and notes on Genea-Musings, the Chula Vista Genealogy Cafe and the South San Diego County Graveyard Rabbit that help other researchers, including my society members, pursue their genealogy and family history.

c) Write a quarterly column on genealogy for XYZ Magazine (to be named later)

Some of the items above are similar to last year's goals, but I can't "divorce my ancestors" or stop doing much of what I've been doing.

One thing that can help me pursue these goals is to avoid wasting time on frivolous things like television programs, political news and financial worrying. I will not sacrifice time with my family (wife, daughters, grandchildren) for genealogy purposes. I'm lucky to have an understanding wife who indulges my genealogy pursuits and enjoys the side benefits of meeting people and traveling to interesting places.

I still think that Genealogy is Fun - Seriously!


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I'm new to blogging (just 72 hours to be precise) and I came across your blog while looking for ideas for my own. What a great idea for a post!
Here are my 2009 goals:
1. Obvious goal - to share all the genealogy and family history information that I've been amassing over the last decade or so
2. Hidden goal - to lure someone from the next generation of my family into actually "doing" genealogy!
Best wishes for the new year,
Evelyn in Montreal

Professor Dru said...


Best wishes in accomplishing your genealogy goals and objectives. And thanks for not divorcing your ancestors. I'm sure they appreciate that also. (Smile)