Friday, July 3, 2009

Facebook/Twitter Meetup at SCGS Jamboree

Okay, I'm just about done with my SCGS Jamboree photographs. Frankly, I wish that I had more to last the weekend as blog fodder (since my granddaughters are coming to visit).

During Jamboree, there was a Facebook and Twitter face-to-face meeting scheduled at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. Naturally, many geneabloggers, blog-readers, Facebook Friends and Twitter tweeters dropped by, and I managed to take some pictures:

1) Madaleine Laird greeted me and said that she was a devoted GeneaMusings reader and thought that she might start a blog. Cool, I said - jump in! Here's Madaleine with "Rock Star" Amy Coffin from Houston (Amy brought the "Rock Star" ribbons that all of the geneabloggers wore - people asked about that! Wondered what band we were in - we said Geneabloggers... hmm, nobody ever heard of that group):

2) Somehow, Janet Hovorka and Kathryn Doyle managed to find an empty table for a heart-to-heart talk about fellow rock stars (I wonder what they were really talking about! Probably Kathryn's chart.):

3) Here is the only picture I have of my CVGS and SDGS colleagues from the weekend. The people I know are Jackie MacMaster (standing in white, on the left, SDGS member), Shirley Becker (sitting, back to camera, talking to Jackie, CVGS member), Susi Pentico (sitting, in red, CVGS member), and Pam Journey (standing, in lavender, SDGS member), and Bruce Buzbee (RootsMagic guru, not an SDGS/CVGS member, but many of us love his program! Pam leads the RootsMagic SIGs at SDGS and CGSSD):

4) The irrepressible (and I use this word totally accurately) Susan Kitchens brought wine and cheese to the FB/T meetup and shared it with the, um, group. Susan is the one on the left holding the cheese plate, Denise Levenick is grinning madly (how many glasses of wine?), and footnoteMaven is showing the empty wine bottle label:

5) In a quieter moment, before the wine and cheese was passed around, here are (from the left) Bruce Buzbee, Drew Smith and Thomas MacEntee trying to contain their glee at being at the FB/T meetup. Or they're tired out from two days of vendoring, talking, shopping, etc.:

I think that is all of my photographs. Other bloggers are posting theirs and I hope that someone will put together a summary post for all Jamboree blog posts.

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