Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In the Genea-bloggers Lounge at SCGS Jamboree

There is an area in the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel that has a table (with electric plug access) and some comfortable chairs for Internet users just off the lobby and as part of the Coffee and Snack Bar on the way to the West Wing of the hotel. The Genea-bloggers adopted this area as the Geneabloggers Lounge and used this area for meetups and talkfests all weekend. I got a few pictures (and subjects are welcome to download them and use them):

1) Denise Levenick and her mother Suzanne put together swag bags for geneabloggers that included food and drink goodies, and Thomas lined up some freebies from RootsMagic and GenerationMaps for the bag. Here are the beautiful Denise and Suzanne greeting us in the lobby:

2) After we got the swag bags, we went to the other end of the lobby and recognized the smiling yet enigmatic and boisterous Thomas MacEntee sitting on the couch next to Amy Coffin:

3) We soon found the Internet area and sat around talking - here is a picture of the lovely footnoteMaven while she was acting incognito and the beautiful Elizabeth O'Neal with some geneaholic guy in the background. I have no clue who took this picture on my camera, but I'm glad they did!

4) After awhile, footnoteMaven let us take her picture "cognito" and she is shown her with the Photo Detective, Maureen Taylor, and Schelly Talalay Dardashti:

5) We tried really hard to participate in Scanfest on Sunday morning. Thomas had his Netbook with the webcam and saved a video taken at the table here and tried to upload it to the Scanfest and brought Miriam's chat to a halt. In this picture, we see Susan Kitchens on the left on her Netbook, Thomas on his Netbook, Kathryn Doyle taking our picture, and Craig Manson on his laptop.

6) Sometime during Scanfest, which we were connected to through Susan's Netbook, footnoteMaven and Susan did this "upside down shades" maneuver (I have no clue why) while Craig and Thomas were obliviously pecking away:

7) We gave up on Scanfest when they ignored our attempts at humor and insisted on talking about photographs and slides, so we just hung out and talked. In this picture, are the lovely, erudite and really fun (applies to all of them) Kathryn Doyle, Amy Coffin, Elizabeth O'Neal and Sheri Fenley:

Needless to say, we all had a lot of fun getting together at the SCGS Jamboree. I ended up being social rather than studious - the only session I went to was Steve Danko's session for about five minutes in search of somebody and a glass of water.


Kathryn Doyle said...


I'm so glad there was someone besides me who failed to attend ANY session (except for the Bloggers Summit). This was like kid camp only more fun!

As I recall the finger goggles started out with fM going incognito with finger glasses (in keeping with her passion) but then Susan Kitchens cranked it up a notch, as only Susan can!

Anonymous said...

Randy and Kathy, I am glad that you had a super time but there was some really awesome topics people presented. Here is hoping you will purchase a cd or two. :>) I think Randy was a first timer also.
I can say I truly enjoyed my time with PattyM in their booth the times I was not in a seminar or wandering the areas. It was really so much better than two years ago. Paula & members did one awesome job with the
event. Susicp

Alex Coles said...

Love them - thanks for posting!

Schelly Talalay Dardashti said...

Hi, Randy,

This Jamboree was great, both the people (of course) and the available knowledge! I'm still recovering from this fantastic three-day event. Our upcoming (August 2-7, Philly) international conference on Jewish genealogy runs for SIX days.

Can you imagine what that's like? Two Jamborees back to back without a break! Wow!

Take a look at the Philly online program at http://philly2009.org to see what THAT experience is like!