Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Geneabloggers Dinner Photos - Post 3

In Post 2, I lamented that I did not have a picture of Denise Levenick or myself in my photo collection from the Geneabloggers Dinner.

I was wrong! I have this great photograph of Denise (in white in center), footnoteMaven (on right) and Kathryn M. Doyle (in black on left) in my camera:

George G. Morgan must have said something funny at this moment in time!

Kathryn M. Doyle posted this photo from her "Geneabloggers Gone Wild" collection on her Facebook page, and I hope she doesn't mind if I use it here:

This is the 4th table - with Linda Seaver (no blog), Randy Seaver (this blog and three more) and Dean Richardson (the Genlighten blog). Thank you, Kathryn!

There - I think we got a picture of everybody at the dinner!


Family Curator said...

Randy, it looks like everyone is now well-documented. You are hereby nominated and crowned, Official Historian for Jamboree 2009!

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

I seriously think Linda needs her own blog. I'd sure tune in to hear things from her point of view.

"What Living with the Geneaholic is REALLY Like!"

Tell us, Linda!