Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More on California AB130 - California Vital Records Access

I received this from Liz Stookesberry Myers (on CSGA Legislative Committee) today about Assembly Bill 130 that affects California vital records and indexes:


Assembly Bill 130 will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee very soon. It was introduced by Kevin Jeffries (Republican ) of the Temecula area. The Bill was presented at the request of the Recorder Association of California. They want to be able to handle Marriage Records the same as Birth and Death Records. That means that they can black out the Mother’s Maiden name, if the County Recorder chooses. The Recorder also has the option of sending out an informational copy only.

The main concern is what the Recorder of each county may or may not choose to do. At least that is the way it is written today.

As we know, the unfounded fear of ID theft is a worry to Legislatures on the State and National Levels. Yet, research shows that ID Theft is caused by Data Hackers or stolen items from a friend or acquaint!

I urge you to notify the Senate Appropriation’s Committee and your State Representatives of our feelings about access to these public records. Remind them that these records help us to find family and determine if an inherited disease is running through the family lines. That seems to get their attention.

Go to www.senate.ca.gov/ and click on Committees go to: Standing Committee to Appropriations. There you will see the members of the committee and staff information. Call or write these committee members and let them know who important changing this rule is to genealogists world wide!

Go to http://www.legislature.ca.gov/ to find your local representative. When this bill goes to the Senate and Assembly Floor, we will need to jump in and let them know how important access to these records is to us!

We have been advised by Jan Meisels Allen, of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies and Chairperson, of Public Records Access and Monitoring Committee to “write to the governor as it can be heard as soon as today and the way this bill is moving it won’t take long for it to pass both houses on the floor.” Urge the governor to veto the bill…” http://gov.ca.gov/interact#contact

Please take a moment to make a call, or write a letter or fax your thoughts. It will only happen if we take the time to do it now!

Liz Stookesberry Myers
California Alliance of Genealogical Societies
Legislative Committee


Thank you, Liz, for the additional information.

I encourage California societies and individual members to make their voices heard on this issue. My previous posts were California Assembly Bill AB130 - IAJGS Letter (which provides Jan Meisels Allen's letter to the legisloators) and Access to California Vital Records Indexes (which provides links to the amended bill and applicable California codes).

In my opinion, we need a list of recommendations to modify the bill to satisfy the genealogy community needs and desires.

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