Thursday, July 2, 2009

What really happened at Jamboree? Elizabeth tells all!

I thought that I was done with SCGS Jamboree posts, but I can't help myself from posting this:

Quick - click over to Little Bytes of Life, Elizabeth O'Neal's genealogy blog, and read her posts about the Jamboree, including:

* JAMSTOCK '09: Massive Recycling Effort Underway at the Burbank Marriott
* JAMSTOCK 09: Exclusive Video of the Geneabloggers Dinner

* JAMSTOCK '09: What REALLY Happened at the Geneablogger Dinner

* JAMSTOCK '09: Son of Blogger Jamfest Rocks the Marriott


* JAMSTOCK '09: Genealogists Stage Sit-In

* JAMSTOCK '09: Let the Love Begin!

Elizabeth's stories are revealing and, um, creative... and funny as hell. Go read them for the pictures and the laughs. Well done, Elizabeth!

UPDATED 9 p.m.: Added two more posts - Elizabeth is on a roll here! This series will be difficult to top.

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