Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Creative Coffins

Do you want to "go out" in high style, make an impression on the cemetery gravediggers, and maybe save your family history?

Check out the unique coffin designs at Creative Coffins - Here is the website's home page:

You can click on the coffin images and see larger views of them. I captured a few screens.

Are you a musician?

Are you into nature and horticulture?

Enjoy flying vintage airplanes?

Check out all of them - do you have a favorite?

So now I'm hoping that they can come up with a coffin on which my pedigree chart could be engraved, with pictures of me and my ancestors. Wouldn't that be impressive at my funeral and burial? The mind boggles, eh? I wonder what that would cost? Hmmm. To the drafting board...

Then - think about 100 years down the road, when all of the world's vital records and publications are lost in the great EMP event that wipes out all computer records, my great-grandson remembers "hey, grandpa Randy had his pedigree chart on his coffin (and his family history research buried with him) - let's dig it up and find our family history!"


Gayle Gresham said...

Randy, if your great-grandson did that, it would be a new twist on "Diggin' Up Bones!"

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