Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Drinking, Singing and Quarreling are dangerous to your livelihood

I've been working on my "to be reviewed and entered into my database if worthy" pile today (it is so nice to not have a speaking or teaching deadline for awhile!) and ran across this entry about a brother of my 2nd great-grandfather, David Auble:

"William Auble, a native of Sussex, and a brother to David Auble, stabbed to death during a quarrel in Philadelphia, by two brothers, who sang obscene songs as Auble was returning from a party with ladies. Auble had a loaded pistol, but did not use it. The deceased, and the men who sent him to an early grave, were intimate acquaintances, and but for improper use of strong drink the trouble never would have occurred."

This was obtained from: The Sussex [NJ] Register, which printed newspaper clippings from earlier editions of the newspaper (Ancestry.com online database, "Newspaper clippings from The Sussex Register," Provo, UT, 2005, original data from The Register, 1897-1899, page 54), which included this item from 10 September 1844.

I guess the lesson here is to not drink heavily, sing obscene songs and quarrel with intimate friends. Who knew? I wonder who the "friends" were, and if they were charged and convicted?


Elyse said...

What an interesting find Randy! I wish I had a cool murder in my family tree!

You definitely should look into that newspaper to find more articles to discover if the friends were convicted.

Caroline said...

Oooohh.....a mystery to be solved, eh? I love a good mystery, and will not drink, sing, and use obscene language while solving one...from now on. ;)

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