Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday -- Stiff

It's Tombstone Tuesday, and I've run out of my own photographs of gravestones and markers, so I'm going through my collection of "different" gravestone photos collected over the years via email and web surfing.

Levi Stiff (1837-1900) and Emeline Stiff (1842-1913) are buried beneath this stone:

I searched for Levi and Emeline Stiff on the cemetery sites, and did not find them.

However, Levi Stiff died in Bozeman, Gallatin County, Montana and, presumably, Emeline Lucy (Philpott) Stiff did also. They, and their known ancestors and descendants, are listed in the online family tree on Rootsweb's WorldConnect database titled "My Irish/Greek Family" submitted by Christina Robertson.

So, my best guess is that they are buried in one of the 28 cemeteries in Gallatin County, Montana, perhaps in Sunset Hills Cemetery where Chet Huntley is buried.

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Martin said...

Bette Midler had a Sophie Tucker joke about this: Soph, I'm gonna get a gravestone for you that says, here lies Soph, cold as usual. Soph says Ernie, I'll get you a gravestone too and it'll say, here lies Ernie, stiff at last.