Monday, May 17, 2010

Casting Call for Professional Genealogists

I received this from Tim Hedden, and am posting it at his request and as a public service:

Calling all Professional Genealogists

Travel Channel is casting an exciting new series about the journey and process of locating missing heirs. We are looking for professional genealogists only. Must have a proven track record of successful investigations resulting in the location of missing heirs – preferably internationally as well as domestically. Must be charismatic and comfortable on camera and MUST HAVE photos and video of yourself.

Contact Timothy Hedden @

This sounds like a terrific opportunity for someone. Unfortunately, I don't consider myself a professional, charismatic, comfortable on camera, and the only video I have of myself is my interview with Lisa Louise Cooke last year at Jamboree (with all of about 600 views on YouTube). Oh well! I hope someone gets this gig and that the show is a success!


Abba-Dad said...

I would watch this show if it was hosted by Thomas MacEntee or Megan Smolenyack. Didn't she start the group that helps coroners find living relatives of John Does?

Schelly Talalay Dardashti said...

Hi, Randy. Well, we do have that video snippet from Manley Beach in Sydney.... :-)

Great idea from Amir - I'd watch any show hosted by Thomas or Megan, although both of them would be an excellent idea!