Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some neat Genea-bloggers posts for today

I'm still away from home, so I won't have a Wordless Wednesday post about a family photograph today.  However, in my reading today, I was happy to find these posts that have excellent value to genealogy researchers:

A closer look at FamilySearch "Historical Record Collection" sources by GeneJ on the They Came Before blog.  The implication of this post is that using the FamilySearch Historical Collection source citation may not accurately reflect the actual original record source information. 

*   Putting My Affairs in Order by Tom Fiske on Leland Meitzler's GenealogyBlog blog.  Tom's trying to leave his genealogy work in a readable form, and describes his efforts.  Fortunately, for all concerned, the doctors keep winning and he keeps researching and writing. 

Five Biggest Genealogical Events of 2010 by Michael Leclerc on The Daily Genealogist blog.  Here's an interesting perspective from an "inside genealogy" guy.  I wish all of the companies would post articles like this to help the blog readers suffering from blog overload.  I think that our "genealogy in-basket" overflows!

A Year in Review - Legacy Family Tree in 2010 by Geoff Rasmussen on the Legacy News blog.  Geoff obliges with his month-by-month rundown of activities for the Legacy Family Tree software.  Does this mean that there won't be any hot news from LFT until 1 January?

That's enough for now - thanks folks for covering my lack of blogging by posting excellent blogs!

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GeneJ said...

Thank you for spotlighting the blog entry, "A closer look at FamilySearch "Historical Record Collection" sources.

Technology exists to better support genealogists' online citation process. Over at BetterGEDCOM, we've begun to discuss such features.

We want that modern technology, however, we *need* it to interface with reliable, easily identifiable source data.

Thank you again. --GJ