Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - New Genealogy Blogs

Hey, genea-blog readers, it's Saturday Night - time for more Genealogy Fun!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  Go to the Geneabloggers website - - and look for the post New Genealogy Blogs March 12, 2011.

2)  Pick out at least five blogs from this list that interest you.

3)  If you like them, add them to your blog reader (whether Google Reader, Bloglines, your Favorites or Bookmarks, whatever). 

4)  Tell us which ones you subscribed to in a blog post or a comment on this post.  Also tell us how many genealogy blogs are in your blog reader.

Each week, Thomas MacEntee writes a post concerning new genealogy blogs that he finds or is tipped to on Geneabloggers.  These posts make it easy for blog readers to find new content, and potentially useful content, in their never-ending thirst for more genealogy information.

5)  For extra credit (no actual rewards...), go back through the past few weeks of these New Genealogy Blog listings here.

6)  Was that FUN?  I hope so.

Here's mine:

New blogs that I've added to my Google Reader from this week's list:

* African Roots

Ancestral Journeys


Family Pursuit

Leaves & Branches

Mann Hunt

Real Big Tree

R.I.P. - Resting in Pennsylvania

Your Local History

And from earlier lists:

AK's Genealogy Research

Ancestral Wormhole

Four Generations Genealogy

Frustrated Genealogist

Genealogy Your Way

Generations Archiving

Hildreth-Tobey Ancestry (I have Hildreth ancestors!)

It's a CHURCH thing

My Family Search

Fantastic Electrisoil

Keeping the Story Alive

Walking with Ancestors

I see that I have missed quite a few weeks of "new" genea-blog announcements.  It's hard to keep up all of the new ones when 20 to 40 are added each week.  I added 21 to my Google Reader list.  Now to read the added 97 posts in my Reader!

I now have 862 subscriptions in my Google Reader, of which all but about 15 are genealogy related.

Yes, this was FUN for me.  Was it good for you too?


Cindy said...

Great suggestion. I am adding because of my interest in German genealogy. I am also adding FamilyPursuit.blogspot because I thought it would be interesting to follow someone doing Native American research. My blogs are and

JenS said...

I actually had time to play along tonight! Post is up here: Thanks!