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Ancestors of the Prince of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor

Have you been wondering about the royal ancestry of Prince William, son of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, and possibly the future King William V of England?  What about his patrilineal line, which has his Y chromosome DNA)?

I was, so I Googled [prince william ancestry] and found a number of websites.  The best one, titled Ancestors of Prince William of England,  I found starts on and has links to pages that go back 67 generations.  This guy has a very rich ancestral history (in more ways than one!), and is descended from most of the royal houses of Europe.  I'll bet he's never searched or to see if he can fill in one or two of the blanks.  Oh yes, there are blanks...but they don't occur until many generations down his pedigree chart!

Since I have a purported ancestry back to Charlemagne and William the Conqueror through several of my colonial Massachusetts Ancestors, I wanted to figure out Prince William's line through as many of the English monarchs as possible, down to, say, William the Conqueror.

Here's the list as I've divined it from the website noted above, listing the ahnenreihe number and the information for each person (with generations numbered G1 through G32, and the English monarchs in red):

G1.    1:   William Arthur Philip Louis WINDSOR  (London 1982) ;  Prince of GREAT BRITAIN & Northern Ireland;

G2.    2:   Charles Philip Arthur George WINDSOR (Prince of Wales)  (London 1948) ;  also m. (2nd) Camilla Rosemary Shand (Parker-Bowles); married  3:   Diana Frances (Lady) SPENCER  (Norfolk 24/1/1961 - 31/8/1997 Paris)

G3.     4:   Philip MOUNTBATTEN (Prince) of GREECE & DENMARK  (Corfu, Greece 1921) ;  GLUCKSBURG; K.G.; Duke of EDINBURGH; married   5:   Elizabeth II Alexandra Mary WINDSOR (Queen) of ENGLAND  (London 1926) ;  Queen of the UNITED KINGDOM of GREAT BRITAIN

G4.    10:   George VI Albert WINDSOR (King) of ENGLAND  (Norfolk 1895 - 1952 Sandringham) ;  aka Albert Frederick Arthur George WINDSOR; married 11:   Elizabeth Angela Marguerite (Lady) BOWES-LYON  (London 1900 - 2002) ;  Queen Mother of ENGLAND; K.G.

G5:   20:   George V WINDSOR (King) of ENGLAND  (London 1865 - 1936 Sandringham) ;  aka George Frederick Ernest Albert WINDSOR of...; married 21:   Mary (Princess) of TECK  (London 1867 - 1953 London) ;  aka Victoria Mary Augusta Louisa Olga von TECK;

G6:  40:   Edward VII of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA (King) of ENGLAND  (London 1841 - 1910 London) ;  aka Albert Edward WINDSOR; K.G.; married   41:   Alexandra Caroline Marie (Princess) of DENMARK  (Copenhagen 1844 - 1892 (or 1925) Sandringham) ;  Queen of ENGLAND; K.G.; (Alix)

G7:    80:   Albert Augustus Charles (Prince) of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA  (1819 - 1861 London) ;  aka Albert Franz August Karl Emanuel (Francis.... *** Same as 78; married   81:   Victoria of HANOVER (Queen) of ENGLAND  (London 1819 - 1901 Isle of Wight) ;  aka Alexandrina Victoria GUELPH; Queen of the.... *** Same as 79

G8.     158:   Edward Augustus (Prince) of GREAT BRITAIN & Ireland  (London 1767 - 1820 Devon) ;  Duke of KENT & Strathearn; K.G.; (GUELPH); married   159:   Victoria (Duchess) of SAXE-SAALFELD-COBURG  (Coburg, Thuringia 1786 - 1861 nr. Windsor) ;  aka Victoire (Duchess) of KENT; aka Maria Louisa Victoria

G9:   316:   George III (King) of ENGLAND  (1738 - 1820) ;  aka George William Frederick GUELPH; Elector/.... *** Same as 172;  married 317:   Sophia Charlotte (Charlotte Sophia) von MECKLENBURG-STRELITZ  (1744 - 1818) *** Same as 173

G10:  344:   Frederick Louis (Lewes) (Prince) of ENGLAND  (1707 - 1751) ;  aka Friedrich Ludwig von HANNOVER; K.G.; married   345:   Augusta (Princess) von SACHSEN-GOTHA-ALTENBURG  (1719 - 1772) ;  aka Auguste de WETTIN (?)

G11:   688:   George II Augustus (King) of ENGLAND  (1683 - 1760) ;  also m. Amalie Sophie von Wendt; Elector of HANOVER; K.G. *** Same as 522 ; married   689:   Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline von ANSPACH of BRANDENBURG  (1682 - 1737) ;  aka Wilhelmine (Princess) of BRANDENBURG-ANSBACH *** Same as 523

G12:    1044:   George I Louis HANOVER (King) of ENGLAND  (1660 - 1727) ;  also m. Catharina Maria von Meysenbug, others; married   1045:   Sophia Dorothea von BRUNSWICK-CELLE  (1666 - 1726) ;  of BRUNSWICK-LUNEBURG; of CELLE (ZELLE)

G13:    2088:   Ernest Augustus I (1st Elector) of HANOVER  (1629 - 1698) ;  aka Ernst August (WELF) von BRAUNSCHWEIG-LUNEBURG; married   2089:   Sophia WITTELSBACH  (1630 - 1714) ;  Princess Palatine of ZIMMERN (SIMMERN); of PFALZ

G14:    4178:   Frederick V (de SIMMERN) WITTELSBACH  (1596 - 1632) ;  aka Friedrich Heinrich V von der PFALZ; married   4179:   Elizabeth STUART (Princess) of GREAT BRITAIN  (1596 - 1662) ;  `the Winter Queen'

G15:    8358:   James I STUART (King) of GREAT BRITAIN  (1566 - 1625) ;  aka James Charles VI (43rd King) of SCOTS; K.G.; married   8359:   Anne (Princess) of DENMARK  (Jutland 1574 - 1619 England) ;  (OLDENBURG)

G16:    16716:   Henry STUART (STEWART)  (1545 - 1567) ;  Lord of DARNLEY; Duke of ALBANY; married   16717:   Mary STUART (42nd Queen) of SCOTS  (1542 - 1587) ;  imprisoned for 19 years

G17:    33432:   Matthew STEWART  (1516 - 1571) ;  4th Earl of LENNOX ; married    33433:   Margaret DOUGLAS  (1515 - 1578)

G18:    66866:   Archibald DOUGLAS  (1489? - by 1557) ;  also m. (1st) Margaret Hepburn, (3rd) Margaret Maxwell; married   66867:   Margaret TUDOR  (London 1489 - 1541 Perthshire) ;  (Archibald Douglas' 2nd wife)

G19:    133734:   Henry VII TUDOR (King) of ENGLAND  (Wales 1457 - 1509 Surrey) ;  (though his claim to the throne was disputed; married   133735:   Elizabeth (of YORK) PLANTAGENET  (1466 - 1503)

G20:    267470:   Edward IV `of Rouen' PLANTAGENET-YORK  (1441 - 1483) ;  King of ENGLAND;
married  267471:   Elizabeth (Lady) WOODVILLE  (Northampts. 1437? - 1492 Surrey) ;  (WIDVILLE; WYDVILLE); Queen of England

G21:    534940:   Richard PLANTAGENET-YORK  (Yorks. 1411 - 1460 Yorks.) ;   or: prob. not (NN : a cuckolder); also begat.... *** Same as 56538; married 534941:   Cecily (Lady) NEVILLE  (1415 - 1495) ;  `the Rose of Raby' *** Same as 56539

G22:    113076:   Richard PLANTAGENET of CONISBURGH  (1375? - 1415) ;  Earl of CAMBRIDGE ; married   113077:   Anne de MORTIMER  (1390 - 1411) ;  (Heiress to throne of England)

G23:    226152:   Edmund of LANGLEY (PLANTAGENET)  (1341 - 1402) ;  Duke of YORK; Prince of ENGLAND; K.G. ; married   226153:   Isabel PEREZ of CASTILE  (Spain 1355 - 1392 Hertfords.)

G24:    452304:   Edward III (WINDSOR; King) of ENGLAND  (13/11/1312 - 21/6/1377) ;  also m. (mistress) Alice Perrers; married   452305:   Philipa d' AVESNES (Countess) of HAINAULT  (Valenciennes 1311 - 1369 Windsor Castle) ;  (Philippe Philippa)

G25:    904608:   Edward II (King) of ENGLAND  (1284 - 1327 Berkeley Castle); married   904609:   Isabella `the She-Wolf' of FRANCE  (1292 - 1358) ;  ruled England with her lover Mortimer

G26:    1809216:   Edward I (King) of ENGLAND  (1239 - 1307) ;  (LONGSHANKS; PLANTAGENET; 31st King of SCOTS); married   1809217:   Eleanor (Infanta) of CASTILE (& Leon)  (1244? - 1290) ;  Countess of Ponthieu; (Alianore Leanor)

G27:  3618432:   Henry III (King) of ENGLAND  (1207 - 1272) ;  (PLANTAGENET; of WINCHESTER); married   3618433:   Eleanor (Alianore) de PROVENCE (BERENGER)  (1217 (or '23?) - 1291) ;  Queen of ENGLAND

G28:    7236864:   John `Lackland' (King) of ENGLAND  (24/12/1167 - 1216) ;  (PLANTAGENET);  *** Same as 5669030 ; married   7236865:   Isabella (d' ANGOULEME) TAILLEFER  (1188? - 1246) ;  Queen of England *** Same as 5669031

G29:    11338060:   Henry II (King) of ENGLAND  (Le Mans, France 5/3/1133 - 6/7/1189 Chinon, France) ;  `Curtmantle' (`Courtmanteau'); married  11338061:   Eleanor (Duchess/Princess) of AQUITAINE  (Bordeaux 1123 - 1204 Poitiers) ;  aka Eleonore d' AQUITAINE (ACQUITANE) & Poitou

G30:    22676120:   Geoffrey V `the Fair' (`Plantagenet')  (Anjou 1113 - 1151 France) ;  Count of ANJOU & MAINE, later Duke of Normandy; married   22676121:   Matilda (Maud Augusta) the EMPRESS  (Winchester 1102 - 10/9/1167 Rouen) ;  de-facto Queen of ENGLAND,

G31:    45352242:   Henry I BEAUCLERC (King) of ENGLAND  (Yorks. 1068 - 1/12/1135 Rouen, France) ;  also m. Lucy (mistress), Adela (mistress), other mistresses ; married   45352243:   Matilda (Edith Eagdith) `Atheling' STEWART of SCOTLAND  (1079 - 1118) ;  Princess of ALBA

G32:    90704484:   William `the Conqueror' (Duke) of NORMANDY  (1027 - 9/9/1087) ;  aka William the Bastard; married  90704485:   Matilda (Maud) FLEMING  (1032 - 1083) ;  Countess of FLANDERS; von FLANDERN

Whew!  There are some twists and turns there! I think hit all of the English monarchs that Prince William is descended from. 

Some readers may say that there are better or more accurate websites with the above information.  Please tell me about them!  This site looked pretty comprehensive, with links to information about each person.  I didn't do any research on my own here - I shamelessly copied and pasted the data into this post.

Now I need to find my own ancestral line back to William the Conqueror and then I can figure out our cousinship, at least to the people in this line.

Some of this ancestry is on the FamilySearch Community Trees site. I've found information for several of my colonial ancestors on the Community Tree site.  I could download information from that site, merge my tree into the downloaded GEDCOM files, and get a quicker reading on cousinship, perhaps through other lines that don't include the English monarchs.

Why did I do this?  I was curious about it, and I have a passing interest in the medieval ancestry.  That doesn't mean that I shouldn't share in the vicarious pleasure of knowing that a very small number of genes are shared by Prince William and myself.  I hope! 

Hmm, I wonder about Catherine Middleton now!


Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

What fun! By the time it gets to you, the royal blood won't be so much purple as it is very light blue :) But still blue!

For those of us who don't have royal lineages posted on the net please urge your Canadian readers to CHECK YES to the May 2011 census so our descendants can find us in 92 years :) Thx!

Martin said...

You didn't hit all the monarchs. He descends from James II, Charles II, and Charles I through his mother. He descends from Henry VIII through the late Queen Mum.

Without a doubt he also descends from King Stephen (if I do so does he).

Anonymous said...

Two websites for this kind of thing are :
2) Paul Theroff's Online Gotha.

Georgia said...

I have been doing research with a couple of people on my husbands line. It goes through name by name to and from King "William the Conqueror" the 1st, through many kings to Perez the twin son of Judah and Tamar, son of Jacob (Israel), son of Isaac, son of Abraham.
William's wife, Matilda of Flanders, goes back through many kings through the kings of Israel, the prophets and to the other twin son of Judah and Tamar named Zarah who married Electra of Pleiades. Zarah's son, Dardanus, was the first King of Troy Both of these lines are of Israel's tribe of Judah which is traceable name by name back to Adam.

Anonymous said...

This is not his patrilineal line. His y line goes from son to father through Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh to the Danish royal family, the dukes of Schleswig-Holstein on the Danish-German border and to the counts of Oldenburg in north west Germany.

Unknown said...

I have recently begun to explore online for my maternal and paternal ancestors and there absolutely has been many Royal and Noble as well as notable persons throughout multiple generations and multiple family lines in my ancestry discovery process!

It's very interesting to read about the lives /experiences they all have had.

I have been trying to find a genealogy website script that will allow the user to view multiple family 'relationships' between people and also a website that allows relationship information for ancestors/family connection to been seen for many more than 15 generations! PLEASE contact me if anyone finds a website script to create my own or if you find a website that is already a working genealogy site.

I am new to all of this, hesitant to truly believe many of the family connections until I have been able to learn how to fact-check the research to ensure there are not errors.
Looking forward to learning more to verify all ancestors and family connections ...perhaps I will write a book once I've completed my research adventure! :)