Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SDGS Meeting on Saturday, 14 April - Joan Lowrey and David McCullough

The April program meeting of the San Diego Genealogical Society is this Saturday, 14 April, at 10 a.m. at St. Andrews Lutheran Church (8350 Lake Murray Blvd, just south of Jackson Drive).

The two program segments will be:

1)  Joan Lowrey on "Passenger Lists: Did They Really Come on That Ship?"  

You found your immigrant ancestor on a U.S. arriving passenger list.  But can you be sure that he or she was actually on that ship, or that the ship really arrived on that date?  How accurate are the various indexes?  How accurate are the lists?  Examples will be shown of some of the errors that have been found relating to arrival lists, and, if the ship left from Hamburg, how to verify whether the arrival list is correct.

2)  David McCullough's Keynote Address at the April 2010 "Celebration of Family History" in Salt Lake City during the NGS Conference.

This DVD recording  shows McCullough's informative and inspiring presentation as he relates how research for his prize winning books is very similar to genealogical research.  David's books include 1776, John Adams, Truman, and The Johnstown Flood.

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Patti Hobbs said...

Randy, I had proposed to our genealogical society showing David McCullough's keynote for the NGS conference. How did you or your group get permission. Whom did you contact? I wrote someone and never heard back. It's been so long now, I don't remember who it was. I could see that permission might be granted through NGS, but if it was a special thing for the local gs at that NGS conference in SLC, perhaps permission needs to be gained through them. Thanks. I love that video. It is very inspiring. I even made movie night of it with the family and they enjoyed it, too. (well, mostly)