Friday, June 28, 2013

A Tombstone for "Old Search"

There are many comments about the retirement of's "Old Search" at the Ancestry Comments Site message board.

Among the comments, are images of two tombstones for "Old Search:"

Thank you, user Talbotrail, for having a great sense of humor.

Andy Hatchett pointed out in the thread that has about 2 million subscribers, and since only about 2% of them use "Old Search" on a regular basis (defined by Ancestry as more than 10% of the time), that adds up to about 40,000 users.

My opinion is that "it seems like there are more than 2% because all we see are complaints on message boards, blog posts, Facebook, etc.  However, 40,000 individuals complaining is a long way off still."  My guess is right now there are hundreds on the different social media (message boards, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

If you want to complain, go do it on the Ancestry Comments Site message board.  Ancestry personnel are monitoring the board and answering questions.  By all means, please tell Ancestry what you want them to keep from the "Old Search" experience.

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Dorene from Ohio said...

Great images! Thanks for sharing!

Bill West said...

This is the comment I left on their Facebook page and the Ancestry Comments message board:
"I tried New Search and I didn't like the results I got and I didn't enjoy the New Search experience.It's not as easy to use for me as Old Search. When I no longer have the choice to use my preference of Old Search and if I am still as frustrated by New Search as I have been before, I will unsubscribe from Ancestry and remove my two trees from the site. I'll hate doing it but if I'm paying money for something I don't enjoy, there's no point to continuing at Ancestry."

Randy Seaver said...

Bill, you don't have to subscribe to have trees on You could leave them there as "cousin bait" but you wouldn't be able to search or attach files to the trees.

Patti said...

What is "old search" and what is "new search"?