Monday, February 3, 2014

My Research Goals in Salt Lake City

The doors to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City will open at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, 5 February 2014, and I hope to walk through them soon after (it is a 10 minute walk from my hotel yo the Library on a good weather day...snow is forecasted - I may take a taxi if that's possible).

What have I planned to work on?  I posted Preparing for my Visit to the FamilySearch Library on Friday about my To-Do list.  How do I decide the highest priority on my list?  Well, it are my priorities:

*  Items that are only found at the FHL book shelves and microfilm
*  Items for direct ancestors that will help me solve thorny research problems (e.g., New Jersey land records, some Massachusetts church records)
*  Items for my direct ancestors that I don't already have (e.g., land, probate, tax, and church  records)
*  Items that I need as images to add to my database (e.g., probate record images that I transcribed or abstracted from microfilm many years ago)

Here are some of the specific items I need to find on this visit, or a later visit, to the Family History Library.

*  New Jersey Deed Abstracts book (on shelf 974.941 R28) and East New Jersey Land Records (on shelf 974.9 R2) for my Knapp, Auble, Cutter, Fitz Randolph, Gach, Jones, DeCamp, Kelsey, Martin, Ayers, Dunham, Bloomfield, Smalley, Rolfe, Campbell, Putman, Morrison, Kinnan families

*  Norfolk County, Ontario probate records for my Kemp, Sovereen, Putman, and Hutchinson families.

*  Mercer County, Pennsylvania Land Records for my Carringer, Spangler and Feather families.

*  York County, Pennsylvania Land Records for my Spangler, King/Konig, and Dinkel families

*  Louisa County and Washington County, Iowa Land Records for my Carringer families.

*  Taylor County, Iowa Land Records for my Smith and Vaux families.

*  Hilperton, Wiltshire Parish Register records for my Richman, Rich, Marshman and Hill families.

*  South Petherton, Somerset Parish Register records for my Vaux, Laver, Palmer and Terrell families

That's probably enough to look for in 8 to 10 hours of research.  

My plan is to find these records and take digital images of them using my smart phone or the microfilm scanner and save them on a USB flash drive.  

Wish me luck!

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Unknown said...

Hope you had good luck. I've been reading your blog and based on this post, we are distant cousins on the Rolfe, Scullard lines and the Fitz Randolph and Conger lines.