Thursday, February 6, 2014

RootsTech 2014 -- New Genealogy Product : AncestorCloud

I will try to highlight at least one new product each day at RootsTech 2014.

Today, it's AncestorCloud (  

The screen says "Show & Tell for genealogists -- it's genealogy without limits."

The publicity says:

"Ancestorcloud is a social community for genealogists.  It's sharing without limits.  You can upload, share, and showcase all of your research files with family and friends for free.  You can also connect with, and follow your favorite researchers and keep on what they are sharing.  All in one beautifully designed place.

"We are launching soon and look forward to opening our doors to the first private beta user group.  Join the quickly growing, first of its kind social network for genealogists."

This site is still in development, but you can request an invitation on the site.

If you are at RootsTech 2014, you can drop by their booth - number 724 (near the Media Center).  I snapped a picture of Jeffrey Hicken and Wesley Eames when I stopped by:

I also signed up to try it out.  It's FREE, and has the potential to be a website to share my family photographs, stories and documents.  I need to work in it a bit, but will probably write about it in future weeks.

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