Friday, February 7, 2014

Expo Hall Panorama View at RootsTech 2014

I made a panorama photograph of the back of the Expo Hall at RootsTech 2014.  Here it is:

Click the picture to embiggen it. [Howland, "embiggen" is a term Bruce Buzbee uses - I don't know the origin of it.]

I took this from the Media Center, which is right on the walkway from one side of the photo to the other.  On the far left is the south side of the Expo Hall.  In the just left-of-center area, the easy chairs in the Demo Stage are very comfortable, and there are speakers every 20 minutes or so.  That's Lisa Louise Cooke making a presentation at the podium.  The right side of the photo is the north side of the Expo Hall.  Of course, it is a straight line from one side to the other - the panorama photo makes it look like the walkway is curved.

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