Thursday, February 6, 2014 Exhibit at RootsTech 2014

I like to take pictures of the major exhibitors at each conference I attend.  Here are some views of the display, which is one of the largest at RootsTech 2014.

They have two of these puce-colored arches to enter the consultation entry to the Ancestry display area.  You can see some of the Ancestry folks in their grayish T-shirts.

Below is a photo of the front of the Ancestry exhibit area that shows the seating area to watch the videos and presentations by Ancestry personnel all day long:

Ancestry All-Star Crista Cowan, who does the great livestreamed videos for Ancestry, modeled this year's Ancestry T-shirt.  Crista is always smiling.  I love talking to her.

I lucked out and met Kristie Wells, who writes on the blog.  She twisted my arm to do a short video, which may be on their blog in a week or two (if I didn't completely blow it...).

I spoke to Duff Wilson and Rob Lemonnier a bit also about Family Tree Maker.

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Kristie Wells said...

It was great to meet you Randy, and no - you did not blow the interview - you did great! We'll have that up in a couple of weeks and will send you the link once ready. Cheers.

Kristie Wells said...
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