Friday, October 30, 2015

Finding Hints by Person or Surname on Findmypast

I have written several posts about getting and using Hints on - see:

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1)  I checked my Findmypast family tree today, which has about 42,920 persons in it, and there are many more Hints than the last time I checked.  Here is a view of my Findmypast family tree.  The number of Hints for each person are in the orange circles on each profile icon:

If I want to see all of my Hints on Findmypast, I can click on the orange "Hints" button at the top of the screen above.  When I do that, the Hints page shows that I have 18,283 Hints:

I don't want to look at those one Hint at a time.  I could look at them one person at a time from the tree or from the orange Hint number on the person's name on the screen above.

2)  There is a Filter search field below the database title on the screen above that says "Search by surname."  I put "richman" in the filter search field and saw:

I thought that would be more manageable for me - to concentrate on one surname, but I don't think I'll use it much.  That leaves the Hints for a specific person.

3)  I clicked on the orange Hint indicator for the first Hint above, and easily saw the six Hints for John Richman (1788-1867):

4)  My preference is that Hints be provided by record collection - in other words, all of the Hints for a census collection (e.g., 1851 England and Wales), a marriage record collection (e.g., England Marriages), a burial collection (e.g., Billion Graves), etc.  I find that reviewing them one collection at a time is the most efficient way to review and utilize the records that I have missed adding to my family tree.

I hope that Findmypast will add a feature that can search for Hints by record collection, rather than by person or surname.

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cleaverkin said...

I wish everyone would provide a "show hints by database" feature, especially Ancestry. I think they did do it briefly for the 1940 census, just after the index was released, but not anymore.