Friday, July 1, 2016

Checking Out the MyHeritage PedigreeMap™ Feature

My Heritage announced their PedigreeMap™ feature yesterday - see the MyHeritage blog post on it at Introducing PedigreeMap™ - an Interactive Map of Your Family History.

This looked pretty cool in the MyHeritage blog post, so I decided to explore the feature.

1)  A user can access the feature in the "Apps" button on the main menu of their home page, or on their own page on the list of features on the left-hand side of the screen, as shown below (under "Timebook"):

2)  I clicked on the "PedigreeMap™ link and the feature opened:

It took about 30 seconds to add all of the places and references to the map (on the right-hand side of the screen) and to the places list (on the left-hand side of the screen).

I could have chosen another person in my tree by clicking the dropdown menu with my name on it.

The default choice in the dropdown menu at the top of the screen is "Extended family" - meaning ancestors and their siblings (I think).  There are other options on this dropdown menu - for "Immediate family," "Ancestors," "Descendants," and "(Solo).  I kept the "Extended family" option.

There were 577 place names and 3,772 references (events) for this map.  On the map above, each country (and states/provinces in some cases) have a circle with a number, which denotes how many references are included.

3)  From the list of places on the left-hand side of the screen above, I clicked on "Great Britain" and the map zoomed in to Great Britain, and the list of places in Great Britain appeared on the left, ordered by number of references.  An alphabetical list of places in Great Britain in my tree appeared on the right-hand side of the screen, with the map in the middle:

I could use my mouse, or the Zoom plus/minus links, to zoom into a place, or click on a place name in the place list on the left.  I chose "South Petherton, Somerset" from the list and the map zoomed more, with the References for events for that place on the right-hand list:

It appears that the Reference list on the right is listed from the earliest Reference (event) in my MyHeritage database..

4)  I wanted to see what the San Diego area map looked like, so I clicked on the "United States" place name:

I scrolled down to the list for "California" and clicked on that:

"San Diego, San Diego" was second on the Place list, so I clicked on it and the map of San Diego area opened, with the list of References (events) in my database for the city of San Diego:

The user can zoom very far into a place - down to the house level on the Google Map, using the street map or satellite view.  Here is my house:

I don't think it will find a street address on the place list.

5)  There is a lot more to this PedigreeMap feature and most of them are discussed in the MyHeritage blog post.

Note that this MyHeritage tree was uploaded in 2011, and some of the place names are imperfect.

I spent an hour last night exploring the maps, clicking on a place, etc.  That was fun!


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Magda said...

This MyHeritage Pedigree Map works better than I imagined ! I knew I had some pretty far-out villages in rural Poland and I was curious to see how this new mapping feature would handle them. It's works better than any software I own for my Polish (and Hungarian and Slovakian ancestral villages). Also a nice bonus was that I had one village that split up into two sections in history but kept the name. The MyHeritage Pedigree Map gave me two options. I will definitely be using it.