Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Best Christmas Gift for 2016 -- (Not So) Wordless Wednesday Post 445

Early in December, our daughters brought their families to Chula Vista to help celebrate Linda's 74th birthday with about 30 friends and family at a local restaurant.  We surprised her again!  This time, her dear childhood friend, Diane, and her husband Jim came from Kansas to help us celebrate the occasion.

Before the dinner, our daughters met at a local park and took some photos of the families.  Today, one of the photos came in the mail, on a 16 x 20 board.  Here it is - All of Our Descendants (this is a picture of the picture):

From the left are Audrey (age 8), daughter Tami, Charlie (age 2), Lauren (age 11), Logan (age 10), daughter Lori, and Lucas (age 13).

Lori and Tami organized the surprise dinner and pulled it off well, in addition to taking this picture and many others.  The kids all helped with setup and cleanup and entertainment.  They liked the cake too!

We put the poster on the wall in the entry way with the others that we have.

There is one more surprise coming, but don't tell Linda!


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