Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ancestry Announces the We're Related Mobile App - Post 1 has released their mobile app called "We're Related" which will use your Ancestry Member Tree to determine if you are related to a famous person, or even your Facebook friend.  See the We're Related website at  

You can download the mobile app at the Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.

The website says:

"Find the fame in the fam.  Are you related to someone famous or one of your closest friends? We’re Related can show you the surprising, significant, or boast-worthy connections in your tree. Your coworker could be your cousin. Or your cousin could be an icon."

I downloaded the app last night, and was able to link the app on my iPhone 6 to my Ancestry Member Tree.  Here is the process I used from the mobile app:

1)  The opening screen after opening the app:

2)  After tapping the "Get Started" link, I chose to receive "New Relative notifications:"

3)  I tapped "Yes" and was asked if I have an Ancestry account:

4)  I tapped "Yes" and was asked to sign into

5)  I managed to sign in and then saw the list of my Ancestry Member Trees:

6)  I selected the Tree I wanted, and had to identify myself in my tree:

 I also moved the button from off to on for the "Use this tree to find relatives" action.

7)  I identified myself in my tree, and then this screen appeared:

8)  I tapped the "Active Tree" listed and the "insights" screen appeared, with the rotating icon indicating that the system was working, apparently trying to find famous distant cousins.  It never got out of this mode for over an hour.  I finally tapped out of the mobile app.

This morning, I was able to download the app again and it quickly identified me and my tree and showed me five distant cousins, including President Bill Clinton (who knew?).

I will have more later about this mobile app.

Disclosure:  I have a paid subscription, but have received compensation from in the past for travel expenses.  I was a Beta tester for this mobile app and received a gift card compensation for that effort.  These factors have not affected my objective analysis or opinions about this product.


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Keith Riggle said...

Interesting, the login process for Android is different. Instead of logging in directly to Ancestry, you first log in to Facebook. Then the app matches you to an Ancestry account; make sure you switch to that account. Seems a little backwards, but I guess they capture your Facebook friends that way (assuming you don't opt out). After that, the steps are pretty much the same as you outlined for iOS. So far I haven't been able to get my tree to load; the app keeps crashing, and then I have to switch accounts, log back in to Ancestry, and select my tree. I guess there are still a few bugs!

leslie rubinson said...

I haven,t been able to getpast the page where i select myself to match to. Guess i,m not related to anyone famous. Using ipad.

Enno Borgsteede said...

For some odd reason, I can't download the app here in The Netherlands. On the play store site, it tells me that none of my equipment is compatible, and on my tablet, it tells me that I'm in the wrong region. The Ancestry tree app works fine here.

I sent a complaint to Ancestry and asked for an explanation.