Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Visiting Rolling Prairie in 2011 - Post 435 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

During our 2011 vacation to Springfield, Illinois and surrounding states, we had one day in Dodge County, Wisconsin  my Ranslow and Devier Smith home area.  I wrote about it in Day 10 on the Seaver Midwest Genealogy Tour (posted 15 September 2011).

Here are more of the photographs I took during our visit:

1)  We found Rolling Prairie in Dodge County, Wisconsin - here is the post office right near the railroad tracks (in back of the camera):

2)  I looked up the road to the north to see if there was a building on the southwest corner of the crossroads where Ranslow Smith's inn was located (I knew that Ranslow's inn had been moved to Old World wisconsin):

3)  Here is the house that presently sits on the land where Ranslow's Four Mile Inn was located:

4)  Here is the railroad tracks (from Milwaukee to Madison, as I recall) just south of the Rolling Prairie post office:

5)  Here is the corner of Prospect Road (east-west) and County I Rd (north-south) which is north of the post office:

Our next stop will be the Burnett Corners Cemetery.


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Grandpa Landmeier said...

Betty band I drove past here last May while visiting friends in Beaver Dam.