Friday, October 14, 2016

Where Oh Where Have My AncestryDNA NADs Gone?

I haven't updated my AncestryDNA results recently on this blog, and I just had a surprise.

Here is the summary page for my AncestryDNA page (two screens):

The number of my Shared Matches has increased to 148, and the number of my 4th cousins or closer has increased to 305.

When I checked this page last week, I had 8 New Ancestor Discoveries (NADs).  Now I have zero.  Granted that none of them were correct.  Where did they go?  Did Ancestry change their algorithm again? Did Ancestry junk this "feature?"  I guess I should be happy that they aren't providing false leads to me.

I now have seven DNA Circles.  The newest one is for Aaron Smith (1765-1841), one of my 4th great-grandfathers.  There are three members in this circle.  I have 9.4 cM in common with one of these matches, but I don't match with the second person, but he matches with the first person also.  We all have Aaron Smith in our Ancestry Member Trees.

So where oh where have my AncestryDNA NADs gone?  Is anyone else missing their NADs?


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Leah Smith said...

Yes. My New Ancestor Discoveries went from 11 to 2 sometime today. I manage 3 DNA kits and have similar results for the other 2.
The NDA's are a waste of page space in my view.

Elizabeth Handler said...

I've had anywhere from 3 to 6 NADs since they were introduced and there was only one that I could figure out must have been a distant cousin (the surname helped), but that NAD was only there for a short time earlier this summer. Nope - don't have any now, though.

John said...

Both my wife and I also have lost our NADs

Kris said...

I didn't have any NADs, but my mother, whose test I administer, did. It's gone along with one of my ancestor circles. The NAD wasn't possibly an ancestor, so no real loss.

But I was quite unhappy to see the now missing ancestor circle gone. The DNA link to Philip Hoover and Hannah Thomas is the most substantive evidence of the presumed ancestry of my elusive ancestor Christian Hoover to date. Wonder what's going on.

DWilliams said...

Yes, the 2 NAD's I had disappeared Friday morning. There are legitimate reasons for me to believe those were correct, but with their disappearance, I'm not sure which ones they were now. Ancestry did some "maintenance" Thursday night, as they posted on their website, and by the next morning, some things had changed, the NAD's were missing, and they had fixed the Profile pages where everyone's Family Tree had been missing for about a month. It seems like everytime they "fix" something on Ancestry, they break something else.

John said...

Back in June they indicated they were going to change the algorithm and increase the accuracy (decreasing the results)

It appears maybe it took a few months to actually implement.

anitab said...

Yep - only 2 NAD's left on my list! They did change earlier, in June; this is a 2nd (unexpected) change! And, I actually benefited from one that has now gone away...

William said...

Yup. I had 7 or 8 NADS. All gone. I was making a little progress with a pair of them, George Marshall Rathbun and Tamar Anne Garringer, husband and wife. They appeared to be potential very distant relatives.