Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Visiting St. Joseph, Michigan in 2011 - Post 434 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

During our 2011 vacation to Springfield, Illinois and surrounding states, we had two days in St. Joseph, Michigan visiting geneablogger Jasia and her family.  I wrote about it in Days 8 and 9 on the Seaver Midwest Genealogy Tour (posted 14 September 2011).

Here are more of the photographs I took during our visit:

1)  Linda (wearing her Padres shirt!) posing with a decorated donkey (?) in beautiful downtown St. Joseph:

I have no clue what the significance of the donkey or the sandbox was - it was on the sidewalk where we were.

2)  Replicas of two of Christopher Columbus's ships, the Nina and Pinta, were moored in St. Joseph harbor, and there were tours and docents and displays.  This is (I think) the Nina:

3)  Another view from the main deck:

4)  I think that these models of the two ships were down below the main deck:

5)  Another view onboard the ship:

6)  The ship Pinta (I think) moored on the bay:

I did not include a picture of Jasia and her husband - you will have to ask her for one!

A side note:  This is Columbus Day - and I have photos of replicas of two of his ships.  One of my society colleagues thinks she is related to Cristobal Colon!


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Jasia said...

Happy to be able to share these memories with you and Linda. Good times!!!