Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Catalog your books on LibraryThing

This is not new information to some astute genealogy bloggers and readers, but is new to me. Birdie Monk Holsclaw, CG, has an article in the July/August/September 2006 issue of the NGS NewsMagazine. Jasia blogged about it here, and provides a link to see her own book holdings. You can see the different display options by clicking around Jasia's site.

LibraryThing.com is a web site that allows you to catalog the books that you own, and even allows you to make a wish list for your friends and relatives can buy you a gift. The web page includes:
Enter what you're reading or your whole library — it's an easy, library-quality catalog. Because everyone else is doing it too, LibraryThing connects you with people who read the same things.

What's good?

* Searches Amazon, the Library of Congress and 45 other world libraries.
* Show it or keep it private. Put your books on your blog too.
* Get recommendations. Connect to people with all your obscure stuff.
* Tag your books as on Del.icio.us and Flickr (eg., wwii, magical realism, vampires, theology, dogs, philosophy of science).
* Export your data. Import from almost anywhere too.
* Enter 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 (year) or $25 (life).

I haven't done this yet, but will do it soon. I'll share the URL on my blog when I do it.

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Jasia said...

Oh good! I'm looking forward to seeing what cha got ;-)