Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Genealogy Haikus

My wife challenged me to write a genealogy haiku as a car trip exercise. I'll give you one here and challenge you, my faithful, intelligent and creative readers, to write others in Comments, or on your own blog.

A Haiku is prose with three lines with 5 syllables, then 7 syllables and then 5 syllables, respectively.

Here's mine:
And Family History
Honor Ancestors

-- Randy Seaver

Easy, eh? Try it.


Anonymous said...

You can find our genealogy Haiku here:


Ancestors asleep
I dig patiently until;
light falls upon them

Randy Seaver said...

Who knew a basset hound had this much talent?

My grand-hound Walter usually has the front page article of The Basseteer quarterly newsletter, published by the Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California organization.

The September newsletter is here. Walter has written several haikus from a bassert hounds point of view. Hilarious!

That's my slobbering, licking, loving big boy!