Friday, September 22, 2006

Genealogy Forum Chats in October

My colleague Susi Pentico sent this notice about chats at the Genealogy forum during Family History month in October:

The is planning a free month long event honoring the Family History Month in October. The website is a spin-off of the old Golden Gates Forum that was on AOL. The Hosts moved to a wider Internet-based site to reach more people.

We give: Lectures regarding how to do genealogy, events, places, where to locate data when stuck with a brick wall, quizzes to bone up on your knowledge of genealogy research, new URL's, etc.
We also do a Research Event every so often to help our guests specific needs. We are dedicated Genealogists who are hoping to help anyone who has been bitten by the genealogy bug, those who may be homebound or in need of knowledge they cannot otherwise reach.

We cover areas of the United States, Europe, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, etc. We have guests that come to the chats that are from all over the world. People from Germany, Poland, England and
other areas join in and share knowledge when they have time to help the people in the chat room.

We love what we do and we enjoy sharing our expertise with others, as others share their knowledge with us. We have a general chat area for any and all types of questions, comments or suggestions by others.

Please come join us during the month of October as we have various special guests plus our normal chat topics each week. Check the schedule on the web page at

The tentative schedule of speakers is at:

Susi is the mid-Atlantic host for chats.

I volunteered to be one of the "speakers" ("chatters?") about Genealogy Blogging and also about "Finding Elusive Female Ancestors." Check the schedule for the chats, and join in!

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