Wednesday, September 27, 2006

SCGS Genealogy Writing contest

The Southern California Genealogical Society sponsors a yearly writing contest with cash awards.

They are accepting entries for the 7th Annuel (2006) contest from 1 November to 31 December. The announcement is here. The FAQ list is here on the SCGS site.

The types of articles desired are described here:

* What Kind of Articles Do You Want?
The contest is for factual articles: either family-or local-history, character sketches, or memoirs. The entries should capture a sense of a family’s experience(s), or the character of a locality, or reveal an individual’s character and personality. The best articles will help illuminate the human drama—and will also illuminate the era, and/or the historical or social context of the subject.

* What Kind of Articles Do You NOT Want?
Accounts of genealogical research procedures, “how-to articles,” advice, and/or general genealogical columns are not appropriate for this contest.

If you like to write, and can satisfy the requirements, I urge you to submit one or two entries. One of my genealogy friends, Paula-Jo Cahoon, was a winner in an earlier contest with her story of "Fany".

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