Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Have you visited Ancestorville?

While browsing through the Genealogy News, I ran across a link to Ancestorville. Sounded interesting, so I clicked on it, wondering what it was.

Ancestorville is a commercial web site selling ephemera -- but if you find one of your ancestor's ephemera, it might be well worth the look.

The web site is described as:
We sell lost family photos and antique paper ephemera items, and are dedicated to the reunion of family treasures. Our site has over 9,600 surnames and thousands of family photos, letters, ephemera, deeds, advertising trade cards, family bibles, cabinet card photographs, cdv photograph, Victorian calling cards, stereoview or stereoscopic photos, daguerreotype photographs, antique paper items and such. All related to genealogy and family history.

If this is your cup of tea, go for it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy! I went and visited Ancestorville, a beautiful site, and loved it. Appreciate the heads up...Susan

Anonymous said...

I agree, I visited and it's wonderful site/place visit. What a great ancestor archive and Debra Clifford has interesting info to share in the article section. What an abundant source of information and imagery, I hope to find a mememto of an ancestor of mine. I will bookmark for sure.