Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Climbing your Family Tree" article

An excellent article titled "Climbing Around in Your Family Tree" was published yesterday in The Tennessean newspaper, link is here, printed for Family History Month.

The article lists 11 steps to take, and provides excellent examples for each step. One comment struck me as really right:

"You become a detective. Every time you find something, it's just food for going further. It's an endless paper trail," said Virginia Watson, president of the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society.

"It's just addictive."

Sounds like she's a geneaholic, like most of us!

Here is a sidebar box with publicity for the MTGS activities:

The Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society, which formed 20 years ago, offers publications, meetings and workshops for those interested in researching family history. For its Bible Records Project, MTGS invites the public to bring in family Bibles or copies of family Bibles to be scanned in and digitized. Bring them to the Knowles Senior Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Nov. 13, at 174 Rains Ave. in Nashville. The Bibles will be copied and returned immediately. The organization is hoping to publish a collection of the Bibles.

Its annual daylong seminar, which is co-sponsored by the Tennessee Historical Society, is Nov. 18 at the Brentwood Library, 8109 Concord Road. This year it will focus on finding immigrant ancestors. The guest lecturer is John P. Colletta, who has given workshops and taught courses for the National Archives and Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Admission, which includes lunch, is $35 for MTGS members and $40 for nonmembers. Subtract $5 if you don't want lunch. For more information, visit www.mtgs.org.

Each local or regional society needs publicity like this to stimulate interest in family history in our communities. This is a great job done by the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society.

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