Saturday, October 28, 2006

Early American History - First Hand Accounts

While browsing today, I found a fascinating web site about first-hand accounts of Early American History. The web site is

The introduction says:
Have a look at what really happened in the early days of America. This is probably not the same history that you learned in school. What you will see here is unvarnished and raw, directly from the 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s. It is real people talking with and about each other, expressing their thoughts, feelings, and ambitions. Here is the real pioneer spirit at its best and worst.

You have been cautioned. Read these accounts with your brain engaged.

Now, please enjoy a little time-travel, and learn about the people who laid the foundations of America. It will likely change the way you view our society and current affairs worldwide.

The index of resources is here.

I selected "Legends of the Iroquois, Told by 'The Cornplanter'" by William W. Canfield, published in 1902, and read several sections about the Iroquois Nation stories and legends. There is a back section that explains some of the timing and stories in modern terms. It was a wonderful 30 minutes!

If you want reading material about Native Americans, the Colonists, early US government, the Western expansion and the like, this is a web site well worth your time.

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